• Imperial, the Costa Rican beer arrives in Europe

    Who has not drunk one Imperial beer while traveling in Costa Rica? For the first time in history, the Imperial beer can be enjoyed in the European continent; since August the company "Introdrink" based in Zurich, Switzerland will import and distribute Imperial throughout the Swiss territory under its "Premium /… Read more
  • Top 10 Most Environmentally Friendly Nations

    The Environmental Representation Index 2010 (EPI) of the U.S. Universities of Columbia and Yale, determined that six of the top ten environmentally friendly nations belong to Europe. The study also reflects a general loss of environmental quality in the 163 countries studied, compared to the previous edition of 2008, air… Read more
  • What to see in Costa Rica: Festival de la Luz will illuminate the streets of San Jose

    The Festival de la Luz is one of the most anticipated events for the people of Costa Rica. The event, held in downtown San Jose, includes floats parade, masquerades, live music and fireworks. Because it takes place in December, the Festival de la Luz is associated with holiday celebrations in… Read more
  • Costa Rica second most peaceful country in Latin America

    The Global Peace Index, released in May by the Institute for Economics and Peace, Costa Rica ranked as the second most peaceful country in Latin America after Uruguay and above Chile. In the overall index, Iceland is the most peaceful country in the world, second New Zealand and Japan third.… Read more
  • Costa Rica: the safest country in Latin America

    Costa Rica is the safest country in Latin America according to Latin Security Index to businessmen and multinational firms. Costa Rica, Chile and Uruguay were the first three countries in the list according to Mr. Frank Holder, Senior General Manager for FIT Consulting Ibero America. Read more
  • Costa Rica, the final destination of the world renown Transat Jacques Vabre

    Travel Excellence, together with two other companies, is in charge of providing all tourist services and organizing special events for sponsoring partners, press, Transat organizers, accompanying staff and visitors. We have been working with different properties to offer your clients, our clients, excellent prices, specially negotiated for this event, in… Read more
  • ICT refuses disinformation on internet

    The message includes photos of the legal gathering of eggs with a text describing the action as a “theft” and an “international shame.” The Costa Rica Tourism Board (ICT) seeks to clarify that the images actually represent a model of sustainable development in the Ostional community. The Ostional National Wildlife… Read more
  • Compensating emissions of gases!

    Travel Excellence got a certificate of environmental services for one more year of reforestation of nine hectares of forests in the Province of Guanacaste. Read more
  • Environmental Fair

    The purpose of this fair was to inform and to motivate the citizens to assume and reinforce an environmental conscience and contributing to stop the rapid deterioration of the planet. Read more
  • Costa Rica Departure Tax

    From now on, get the Costa Rica Departure Tax with Travel Excellence. Avoid lines and get your departure tax ahead of time by buying it through us. Ask our sales executives for more details. Read more
  • Save My Planet

    The first season of the program consists of 13 episodes filmed in Costa Rica. Save my Planet is broadcasted since 11th January and focused in environmental subjects. Host Stephen Brooks explores Costa Rica’s sustainable practices which have place the country as a world leader in environmental initiatives. Read more
  • The happiest people: by Nicholas Kristof

    For example, the World Database of Happiness, compiled by a Dutch sociologist on the basis of answers to surveys by Gallup and others, lists Costa Rica in the top spot out of 148 nations.” Read more
  • Costa Rica: Third place in the world on environmental conservation

    This document is produced biannually by experts of Yale and Columbia Universities in the United States. According to the press release, this result shows that Costa Rica, Iceland and Switzerland have carried out "substantial investments in environmental infrastructure, contamination controls and appointed policies to achieve sustainability in a long time… Read more
  • Turrialba: An interesting place to be visited

    We want to inform you that the Turrialba Volcano is on its normal activity and the only tour we are not operating right now is the Turrialba Volcano Hike. We went to this area three weeks ago and we had a wonderful time over there. It is a great place… Read more
  • Costa Rica in search of the Latin Tourist

    These fairs will take place in Peru, Mexico, Brazil, Guatemala and Argentina. This campaign will cost the Costa Rica Tourist Board around US$300,000. Read more

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