Costa Rica, retirement heaven

Written by Angie Vargas
January 10, 2014

Costa Rica is one of the World’s Best Destinations to retire in 2014 according to the Global Retirement Index of International Living magazine.

Want to know why?

Further than the white sand beaches and the magnificent biodiversity that the country offers to the tourists, Costa Rica has plenty of reasons to be the place where you want to live when you grow old. A high-quality but affordable health system for retirees and the simplicity of becoming a legal residence are some of the practical reasons highlighted by this research. Also, the magazine exposes the low cost of living when it comes to transportation, housing, food and private health services as huge benefits of retiring toCosta Rica.

But perhaps, the most important reason why Costa Rica is one of the best retirement destinations according to International Living is not political but cultural. In Costa Rica, the people are characterized for being hospitable and friendly as part of their Pura Vidaattitude and for having a truly respect for the older generation. By law, people over 65 have privileges in lines, bus seats and with the Gold Citizen Card retirees get free bus rides and receive discounts on eyeglasses and medication.

According with the research that takes into account aspects like cost of living, health care, climate and special benefits for foreign retirees, 20.000 North Americans call Costa Rica their home today. 
Some other countries named in this index are Portugal, Spain, Panamá and Malaysia. 

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