4 Simple Reasons Why You Should Travel to Costa Rica

Writen by Adrian Solano

There are plenty reasons to visit this incredible Central American country. It is always a good time to visit it, thanks to its tropical weather. Costa Rica has something for everybody; you should know its exuberant vegetation, interesting culture, delicious gastronomy, relax at the most beautiful beaches in Guanacaste and generally, explore the countless treasures and landscapes.

This magical place full of natural wonders is home of a 6.5% of the world biodiversity, it means that you have a chance to enjoy a vacation package including breath-taking sights and unbelievable variety of adventures. This is a perfect destination full of the best places for children, couples, families as well as solo travellers!

Usually tourists come looking some of the most popular activities such as zip lining, white water rafting, kayaking, snorkelling, bird watching, whale watching, hanging bridges, hikes and much more, but there are more than just activities and this is exactly what we want to let you know. Beyond the thrilling activities, the main reasons to visit Costa Rica are its friendly people and its exuberant nature:

Reason #1: Best Class Beaches and Surfing

Costa Rica undoubtedly has some of the prettiest beaches with golden sands and clear water. The North Pacific coast is popular due to the beachfront hotels and the driest weather, and there is where you can find some of the all-inclusive family resorts. The Caribbean side also has great beaches, perfect for those who want something more authentic and know the colourful Afro Caribbean culture.

These beauties are also a great attraction for surfers. Some of the best surfing beaches are Jaco, Witch`s Rock, Tamarindo, Guiones, Santa Teresa, Manuel Antonio, Dominical, Pavones and Puerto Viejo. These beaches can fit with beginners or experienced surfers, and here you can take surf lessons if you are interested in the activity and have not had the opportunity before.

Reason #2: Amazing Volcanoes

The volcanoes are one of the most beautiful treasures Costa Rica owns, including the Poas, Irazu and Arenal volcanoes, which are part of the most active ones. They are the foremost attractions for some family holidays and they are an excellent reason to visit us.

No matter if you are going to stay on the Central Valley, Northern Region or Northern Pacific, you will have a volcano to visit nearby; you can walk in these protected areas to watch a little bit of the volcanic activity. Arenal is one of the most popular attractions, and it is because this is the only conical shaped volcano, its history and lava vestiges are simply amazing.

Reason #3: Culture and People

Costa Rica has a rich history and culture; this is a country with friendly loving people. We fortunately do not have an army, since it was abolished in 1948. Costa Ricans (popularly known as ticos) have a really hospitable and friendly culture.

Maybe you have heard the phrase “Pura Vida”, which is now used as a motto for promotion of the country, but in general, it talks about the way of living of the locals. Pura Vida means happy, hardworking, trustworthy, kind, talkative people. This is what you will feel once you arrive in the country, to enjoy an adventure package.

An important part of the culture is the food in Costa Rica, and there are a variety of meals you should taste while visit us. Vegetables and tropical fruits are important in our diet, there are a lot of typical recipes that you can learn to prepare while staying here.

Reason #4: Ecotourism

The country takes pride of the fact that every day a considerably number of visitors experience the incredible variety of flora and fauna in this natural paradise while enjoying a vacation package. You can know a little bit of the habitats and ecosystems: 13 thousand plant species, 2,000 moth and 4,500 butterfly species, 163 varieties of amphibians, 220 types of reptiles, 1,600 species of fresh and salt-water fish, and at least 870 types of birds.

The extensive landscape also boasts many different types of forests, including deciduous, mangrove swamps, rain forests, herbaceous ponds, cloud forests, dry forest, moors, palm groves, oak woods, riparian forests, and swamp groves.

If you enjoy nature and wildlife, you can discover some of the national parks during your family trip; close to 13 000 square kilometres are protected to preserve flora and fauna and these spots can be visited by you.

Come and enjoy this hidden gem in the middle of America. Do not forget to contact us and let our expert travel designer’s help you planning the trip of a lifetime. There is a truly stunning setting to explore and discover during your vacations.

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