Travel Excellence granted with C-Neutral mark

Travel Excellence granted with C-Neutral mark

As a Ground Tour Operator, Travel Excellence is honoured to promote one of the most ecological and responsible destinations in the world: Costa Rica. According to our way of living, we consider our duty to guard natural resources and to take actions to delay climate change.

Considering our efforts on this subject, Madam President Laura Chinchilla Miranda delivered us the C-Neutral mark certification on March 7th, 2013. This is a recognition from MINAE (Costa Rican Ministry of Environment & Energy) confirming that as a C-Neutral company, we measure our greenhouse gases footprint, develop reduction projects and support offset programmes.

In order to reduce emissions, Travel Excellence has strengthened the permanent programs on waste management and resources’ savings, especially on water and energy. In addition, drivers have been trained on fuel-efficient driving techniques and office staff has attended lectures on rational electric consumption delivered by the CNFL, a local energy provider. As a responsible company, we have been taken actions to offset our carbon footprint, by participating –since 2007– on the Environmental Services Payment Program managed by FONAFIFO, the National Forestry Financing Fund.

During the official delivery ceremony, the President and other government representatives highlighted the importance of ecotourism and biodiversity preservation as a primary force of Costa Rican commitment to sustainable development. Travel Excellence has been in this industry for 17 years, always seeking for customer satisfaction and at the same time sharing our consciousness on natural environment safeguarding.

Travel Excellence is the first Tour Operator granted with this high-level mark among a group of seven leading companies. We have been working very hard for the last two years to attain our goal and we hope to renew it year after year in order to always provide our clients with a service issued from a C-Neutral management system. We are very proud to share this great news with all our partners and encourage them to make their own contribution for our Planet’s wellness.

The C-Neutral mark is the only one recognized by the Costa Rica government and it is part of the efforts to achieve our goal of becoming a C-Netural country in 2021.

We are active members of the most important tourist associations, both national and international.

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