Gender Equality Policy

In Travel Excellence, we are aware that Tourism has the power to transform people’s lives. With this in mind and knowing that gender equality is a key element to guarantee social well-being and development, our company assumes responsibility for carrying out actions in order to promote gender equality within the organization:

  • Treating men and women fairly at work and promoting a work environment that fosters gender equality.
  • Ensuring the health, safety and welfare of the entire work team.
  • Respecting the principle of equal remuneration between women and men for work of an equal value.
  • Providing training and growth opportunities for women.
  • Practicing assertive, respectful and inclusive communication.
  • Preventing and addressing any possible manifestation of discrimination or violence against women.
  • Addressing and punishing sexual harassment and harassment at workplace.
  • Promoting the balance between personal, family and work life.
  • Properly addressing sexual orientation and gender identity.
  • Evaluating the progress made in favor of gender equality
  • Motivating the companies with which we relate to assume some of these good practices.

Our commitment

Travel Excellence stands out for being a leading company in the country in the incorporation of the Norm INTE G38:2015 Management system for gender equality in the labor sphere, of which we were a part for a long period of time, this process was regulated by INTECO and INAMU. Within this management system, the company integrated changes in the operation of its operations.

We have distinguished ourselves by implementing advanced management processes and creatively designing a gender equality management system.

The company has a Gender Equality Policy in which we assume responsibility for labor relationships within a productive environment and quality of life for the work team. We have an Internal Regulation that provides an extended maternity leave, extended breastfeeding time and a paternity leave; as well as family leave permission for various and justified reasons.

In a very committed way, it assumes a policy of attention and denunciation of situations of sexual harassment andwork harassment, with investigative commissions that watch over the attention of the situation. We discourage any manifestation of gender-based violence and accompany any denunciation process in which the worker is found.

Travel Excellence undertakes permanent actions to prevent any potential sexual harassment situation inside our team or involving our clients. If any incident ever happened, the affected client is encouraged to communicate to our headquarters or our 24/7 line, and an internal affairs investigation is to be performed. If required, we may also follow up to any denounce placed to authorities against third parties. Our main goa is to prevent any situation, and if ever required to address diligently any situation materialized for reasons out of our control.

There is a Gender Equality Program in which, among other actions, we seek the integral health of our staff by ensuring facilities and equipment according to the needs of both women and men in their diversity.

We also seek to influence our service providers by encouraging them to adopt good practices in gender equality. We aim for continuous improvement with the conviction that addressing this issue is fundamental to human well-being and development. We ensure that Travel Excellence, in terms of gender equality, provides experiences beyond senses.

We are active members of the most important tourist associations, both national and international.

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