Virginia and Ian Priest, UK.

Dear Marco and Carlos

We certainly had a great time in Costa Rica. We enjoyed the diversity and the movement from the Caribbean side to the Pacific side. The hotels were exceptional and we would recommend Brazil come over here and take a leaf out of the Costa Rican book of style and service. Our finest time was spent at Playa Nicuesa Rain Forest. This was as close to nature that we have experienced in respect to sleeping in the rainforest. It pushes your boundaries of comfort as you shared your time with every insect, reptile and mammal. The kids were excited to find nearly all the venomous snakes in a secondary forest plus playing with dolphins and following about a 100 of them swim across the Golfo. Kayaking in Crocodile infested waters with your child in the kayak was frightening but exciting. We met some very passionate and interesting people there including Alvaro Ugalde who was director of the National Parks.

We honestly thought (and now ashamed to admit) that Costa Rica would be loaded with Americans and five star sterile hotels. We could not have been so wrong. As much as most of the tourists do come from the North of this continent Costa Rica offers some exciting and adventurous places and occupied by like minded people. If there was any other ingredient we would add to your superb recipe it would be an introduction to the history and indigenous people of Costa Rica. So we applaud you for all your hard work in ensuring we enjoyed Costa Rica, as we all very much did.


We are active members of the most important tourist associations, both national and international.

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