Tom and Bonnie Stuckey


Here are some random thoughts and observations about our trip.

  • We all thoroughly enjoyed the La Paz Waterfall Gardens. It was a good start for the trip
  • I was disappointed that we couldn’t see the Poas volcano, but no one could control that!
  • Some of us would say the River Flat Trip was a favorite part of the trip.  We especially enjoyed when one of the naturalists found a poisonous dart frog for us to see.  It was very relaxing, plus it was fun to eat the snack at the farm. The plantains were quite good there.
  • We were glad to go on the horseback ride.  It was nice to have the two stops along the way:  the waterfall on the Fortuna River and the exhibit of the Native Peoples.  (Personally, I don’t need to ride horseback again—but the kids enjoyed it!)
  • Unfortunately we didn’t see a quetzal at the Monteverde Biological Reserve.
  • The Selvatura Park zip line was fabulous.  It was very foggy and misty the day we were there, but it was still fun.  We all especially enjoyed the Tarzan swing at the end.  We didn’t have much time to walk on the hanging bridges and it was raining quite a bit then, but we still enjoyed it.
  • The Don Juan tour was very interesting and informative.  Our guide was quite good and related well to the kids.
  • We enjoyed all the hotels: Apartotel Villas Del Rio, Arenal Paraiso, the Monteverde Cloud Forest Hotel, and Tamarindo Diria.  It was nice to be at a hotel for more than one night. The restaurant at the Cloud Forest was the best—they were proud that they used a lot of locally sourced foods.  Also, do you know there is a Stucki Restaurant in Monteverde?  We didn’t actually see it, but the hotel staff told us about it.
  • One of the grandsons said one of his favorite parts was the hot springs at Arenal Paraiso.
  • All of the guides were quite knowledgeable and friendly and helpful.
  • The trip was well organized with a right balance of planned activity and free time.  I think many of us were in bed by 8:00 each evening!
  • Being at a resort on the ocean was a good way to end the trip.

So, thanks again for your help.  We thoroughly enjoyed our time in Costa Rica.  We are highly recommending such a trip to anyone who asks.  And we’ll recommend you to anyone who might want specific information.

It is windy and cold in Ohio today.  I just remember the warm sun on my body at the beach!

Have a wonderful holiday.


Tom and Bonnie Stuckey

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