Lisa Gerard

We, 5 middle-aged adults, recently returned from Costa Rica (Jan-feb 2018). Cindy from Travel Excellence arranged our whole trip. It was excellent. We were in Costa Rica for 18 nights.  We stayed in 6 different exceptional hotels and had 7+ different transports and a couple excursions all arranged by the patience of Cindy.

Initially, I booked our trip on Expedia and but when Travel Excellence agreed to arrange a comparable trip and stay almost within our budget, we decided to hand over our trip to their capable hands. Cindy worked hard to match our plans/budget. She also made some helpful (and cost saving) suggestions (i.e. stay at this hotel because they have free shuttle to airport) that we did not know because we have never been to Costa Rica.

She helped us decide our excursions and told us which ones to book ahead and which ones could wait until we arrived. She arranged all our transportation and they were always on time. When we got off the plane in San Jose on our first day, there was a lady from Travel Excellence there to greet us and after that, I relaxed and everything went smoothly.

Every transaction was very professional, honest, attentive, responsible and reasonable.  I will recommend your company to our many friends and family that now want to visit Costa Rica after seeing our incredible pictures and hearing our stories.  I will return to Costa Rica …I absolutely loved it.

It was a trip of a lifetime….THANK YOU so much.

Lisa Gerard

Alberta, Canada

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