Kate Popham, U.K.

Hi to all of you at Travel Excellence! I just wanted to say another HUGE thank you to all of you for the most amazing trip to Costa Rica. It’s been on my wishlist for years and it certainly didn’t disappoint! My journalists loved it too – I picked a few real wildlife enthusiasts and everyone went home happy after some excellent viewings.

I discovered that all the best nature spots happened right at the last minute for me. Just when you think it’s time to give up finding a particular animal or getting a good photograph, that’s when they’ll turn up. I managed to get some good sightings of crocodiles, scarlet macaws, sloths and squirrel monkeys right at the last minute – and we even had a small pod of dolphins keeping us company on the boat journey back from Osa.

Thanks Guido for putting together a perfect programme for the journalists – they’ve all emailed me to say how much they enjoyed the trip and it was the perfect balance of activities and down-time.

Thanks Marco for engineering my extension to Casa Corcovado – this was a real highlight for me and I can only imagine just how many boat trips it took to get all the building materials there to build it in the first place!

Thank you CARLOS for having such a great team who are such a pleasure to work with – including Paulo who looked after us and Henry who was with John but guided me for a 200 metre stretch of the road outside the Parador Hotel and then joined us for lunch along with Hilda before we flew home.

I’ve got a friend flying in to Costa Rica today with his young family – he emailed me last week to ask for some advice on what to do and how to organise everything with Rainbow Tours.
I’ve got more friends coming out later in May so I’ll do the same with them!

I’ll share the results from the trip with you in due course!

Best wishes and thanks again,

Kate, Rainbow Tours, London, UK

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