Karen Stotz, USA

Hi Guido

Thanks for everything you did to make our Costa Rica trip truly AMAZING. The hotels were spectacular and each location so different from the last. The Travel Excellence drivers were very professional and friendly – we especially enjoyed Danny’s company on those long drives J. All the arrangements were perfect and we can’t thank you enough. I have posted a note on your Facebook page and also on mine – I have many travel agents who are my FB friends so hopefully this brings you some good leads for future bookings.

I really want to go back again to CR before too long – and this time we will bring our son who is 20 and studying for a degree in Environmental Science. He would love Costa Rica especially Playa Nicuesa Rainforest Lodge. I’ll let you know when that is and hope Travel Excellence can help us with the arrangements.

I had no idea Costa Rica was so beautiful and diverse. I feel there is so much potential to grow the number of US travelers to Costa Rica, all the people we met were so friendly and it’s really easy to travel there due to the time zones, currency, language and great air connectivity. I am so excited about the destination that I am even thinking about trying to find a new CR client to represent in the US!

Thanks again, I will do my best to spread the word about Travel Excellence and Costa Rica.

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