Ian Fenwick and Margaret Lynne Wells

Dear Cindy,

Lynne and I thank you and Travel Excellence for organizing a most wonderful tour for us!!! We returned from San Jose last week and are already longing to go back to the sunshine, the landscape, the animals and the great people we encountered during our three-week visit to your country. We arrived home energized by the incredibly rich and numerous experiences afforded by our Travel Excellence tour. We have been recommending Costa Rica and Travel Excellence to our family and friends as we regale them with stories, photos and videos of our trip. We believe the tourism industry in Costa Rica is one of the best we have encountered on our many travels. Countries wishing to improve their tourism services (including Canada) would do well to study closely how you do it.

We have an incredible journey to an incredible country. Cindy, in closing, we want to emphasize how much we appreciated your planning, your expert choices and attention to detail that made our first trip to Costa Rica such an enriching, enjoyable and trouble-free experience. We do hope we can return to experience more of your country.Pura Vida

Ian Fenwick and Margaret Lynne Wells
Chilliwack, BC, Canada

We are active members of the most important tourist associations, both national and international.

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