Eric, Canada.

Dear Glenn,

Trip was excellent. Mario and Max were a great team. Max was always safe and quick on the road unlike some other tour bus drivers we saw on the road. Mario is an excellent guide – very knowledgeable and always on top of things. He’s a great guy and kept everyone entertained and even paid special attention to one of our members when she sprained her foot. We called them the costa rican M&M. Hard on the outside but sweet on the inside.

The itineary worked out nicely as we did try to pack alot of activities into a short time. The pace was busy but manageable. We maximized on the fun and used the night to travel between destinations was acceptable by everyone.Sad to go home as it is 8 degrees Celsius here and raining. ITS COLD.

Everyone wants to come back already and so i will be bugging you again in a few weeks.

Talk to you then.

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