David and Kayleigh

Hi Cindy,

Thanks for the below email, we didn’t pick it up at the time but there was no real issue getting to the Windham in the end as the hotel paid for the taxi we got which was very good of them.

Kayleigh and I had the most amazing time away and thought we would like to feedback some key points to you to help you continue delivering a great service in the future:

  • The info and vouchers we received upon arrival were incredibly thorough and useful. If the had included details on the above transfer back to the Windham they would have been faultless.
  • Thank you for the bottle of water on arrival off the place when we were greeted by the driver  – it is sometimes the little things on holiday that go a long way
  • Kayleigh and I both got vey unwell after drinking the tap water at the Mountain Paridise Hotel, despite the hotel having signs that this water is drinkable. Whilst we accept this is our own responsibility, please ensure that this issue is communicated to all future travellers with “travel excellence” very clearly as we don’t want other people to ruin 48 hours of their holiday as we did.
  • Casa Corcavado is the most amazing place we have ever been and I would recommend you build this into more of your future itineries for your customers who don’t mind sleeping without aircon etc and are in the country for a proper adventure holiday with a bit more seclusion.
  • Thank you for notifying the hotels of our honeymoon, we got an upgrade in the Windham and Evergreen Lodge made us a very fancy cocktail – it is sometimes the little things on holiday that go a long way

Thanks again for your professionalism and attentiveness and for putting together a great holiday!

Kind regards,

David and Kayleigh

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