I had a great trip! Thank you for setting everything up. It rained a lot, but I knew that might happen when I decided to go to the Caribbean side in November. It didn’t stop me from taking a great hike in Cahuita (where we saw lots of animals) or from enjoying Tortuguero. I live in Los Angeles where it never rains and the weather is always good, so it doesn’t bother me if the weather isn’t perfect when I go on vacation.

Tamarindo was hot and dry and beach was fantastic. The day trip from there to Granada, Nicaragua was very interesting. In Tamarindo, the Hotel Diria was very nice (being right on the beach was fantastic), but they are doing some construction on the hotel right now. You might want to ask when they will be finished for your future guests.

All of the transfer drivers were good, but Henry was excellent. He drove me to Tamarindo and taught me a lot along the way.

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