The pre-Columbian past of Costa Rica revives

About 7,000 pieces of jade, pottery, stone, bone and wood were installed in a modern building in downtown San Jose to bring to mind the experiences of our indigenous cultures.

The new Jade Museum and Pre-Columbian Art opened its doors last Monday (May 26th) and both, the building and the museum design are shown with technology tools, typical of the modern museums, to present the collections in a dynamic and interactive way.

On the first floor is the room called Umbral (Threshold), which displays a selection of 150 representative pieces that visitors will see in the following rooms. The second floor houses the Jade room, showing the details of the making these objects. On the third floor are the twin rooms: Day and Night, where the public can see our indigenous ancestors on their daily work.

The Memoria Ancestral (Ancestral Memory) room, on the fourth floor, collects the ideological and cultural legacy that these societies left in areas such as music, dance and dress. Finally, the room Acopio de Visitantes (Visitors Gathering) brings together nearly 4,000 pieces that can be observed through glass windows.

The Museum is located in the heart of San Jose and is open Monday to Sunday from 10 am to 5 pm. We invite you to suggest to your customers a visit to this new museum to discover the history of Costa Rica.

We are active members of the most important tourist associations, both national and international.

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