San Jose among the favorites for tourists

San Jose will be one of the five most visited cities by international tourists traveling to Latin America this year. The Mastercard company study found that San José will receive the same amount of international visitors than Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

The list ranks cities in terms of arrivals of international visitors and spending they do in the destination cities, as well as providing a forecast of visitor and passenger growth this year. The study was conducted in 132 cities and according to it the most visited cities will be: 1. Mexico City, 2. Buenos Aires (Argentina), 3. Sao Paulo (Brazil), 4. Lima (Peru) and 5. San Jose (Costa Rica).

San Jose is the only capital in Central America included in the first five positions and it will receive nearly 1.4 million tourists this year and its proximity to the beach makes it an attractive destination for many visitors who come to Costa Rica.

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