Pre-Columbian Stone Spheres are declared World Heritage

The indigenous peoples who inhabited the southern region of Costa Rica left a legacy that has exceeded the local boundaries to become World Heritage by United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO).

Finca 6, Batambal, Grijalba 2 and El Silencio sites are located in Osa in Puntarenas province and represent a type of social organization called the chiefdom and offer an overview of these pre-Columbian settlements. These places have their own characteristics that made them different from each other but, they all have one element in common: the stone spheres.

The spheres were made between 400 B.C. and 1500 B.C. and show a perfectly round and go from the smaller ones, just a few centimeters to two and half meters in diameter. The dimensions, finishes, specialization of the sculptors and the difficulty are the result of highly organized pre-Columbian societies.

UNESCO foregrounded that the stone spheres of Costa Rica represents an exceptional testimony to the artistic traditions and craft skills of the people and illustrate the complexity of the political, social and productive structures of hierarchical societies . The spheres are unique in the world and only found in the Osa region.
This is the first time that one of the cultural heritages of Costa Rica obtains the World Heritage declaration, which provides prestige to the country and puts these sites as an international benchmark for visitation.

We expect the UNESCO declaration is a factor of improvement for the communities near the areas where the spheres are located by a responsible and sustainable tourism, which Travel Excellence fully supports.

Our executives will be pleased to provide all necessary assistance to visit the pre-Columbian stone spheres on your next trip to Costa Rica.

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