Information and requirements for crossing the border in Sixaola

We bring to your attention the following information, which applies to all visitors crossing from Costa Rica to Panama through the border located in Sixaola in the South Caribbean side.

1) The Costa Rica’s departure tax of Costa Rica through Sixaola border has a cost of US$7 per person and this payment is mandatory only to leave the country. This tax can be paid by card (credit or debit) in a resale office at the border and the cost is between US$8 and US$10 per person. Our suggestion to all tourists is to pay this departure tax at any branch of Bank Bancrédito and thus the immigration process at the border is much faster.

2) At the Panama Immigration office all tourists must pay US$3 per person to enter the country and US$3 per person when leaving. These amounts can be paid in cash when the passport is stamped.

3) The payment of this tax must be personal (by each visitor) because is not allowed the intervention of third parties (tour guides, drivers, friends, etc.).

4) All visitors must carry the airline ticket information or any proof that they are returning to their country of origin, which is a requirement in the Panamanian border, otherwise, the tourists must purchase a bus ticket to leave the country with a cost of US$14 per person.

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