Costa Rica travel vacation: Canada Airlines to enter Costa Rica’s business

Costa Rica announced an agreement with Canadian Airlines to enter the business in the Central America country as they will provide several services from now on.

If you are planning your Costa Rica travel vacation let me tell you this union will hit the Costa Rican airport in the last days of August.  Apparently the agreement was signed back in 2009 but the Canadian company lasted almost two years in paper work and translation of everything that was in Spanish to English and French.

The president Laura Chinchilla and the Canadian first minister Stephen Harper will be in the opening ceremony to make sure everything goes the right way.

According to the plans you will be able to make travels from Costa Rica to Vancouver in no time. At lest three different Canadian airlines are ready to offer this types of trips but it will also depend on when the Liberia, Costa Rica airport is ready.

“The companies that will generate more resources are flights roam. We hope this agreement will generate more trips to our country and with them, more tourists and foreign exchange, “said the minister.

Costa Rica signed their first agreement with the United States in 1979 and now they have done it with Canada. The ticos also have an arrangement with Colombia and Spain.

Your Costa Rica travel planning couldn’t be easier now as you can reach a flight from almost anywhere.  If you are one of those guys who love the Costa Rican weather, people and culture, well, come visit us, we’ll be waiting for you.

These are some great news to be fair because many Canadians come to Costa Rica looking for sun, beaches and mountains, now they have the great opportunity to make it happen with not much of an effort.

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