Celebrating the establishment of Costa Rican National Park System!

Considered as the jewels of Costa Rica, our country celebrates more than 50 years dedicated to conservation.

Thanks to the initiative of Mr. Mario Boza and Mr. Alvaro Ugalde more than five decades ago, our country protects over 25% of the territory today and although the protected areas were born with more biological than tourist purposes, we cannot deny the scenic beauty offered by the 166 protected areas, found throughout Costa Rica.

Historically, land protection in the country began in 1945 when an area full of oaks was protected alongside the Pan American Highway, in 1955 the volcanic craters were protected due its tourist orientation and by 1963 Cabo Blanco was established in the Peninsula Nicoya. Some important tourist attractions today as Poas, Cahuita and Tortuguero became national parks in 1970, being among the first to receive such an important title. A year later the Costa Rican Tourism Board (ICT) provided the land in Guanacaste to declare Santa Rosa as national park.

The 70’s and 80’s are considered the “golden years” of the protected areas, because during that period of time many of the Costa Rican national parks were created.

Nowadays, all the different protected areas are an important key for the tourists visiting our country, these places offer the opportunity to enjoy nature in different ways, from a beautiful beach to relax or an impressive volcano to the density of a primary tropical forest.

Travel Excellence promotes the visitation of these beautiful places in our itineraries and we are proud to celebrate the establishment of our national parks.

We are active members of the most important tourist associations, both national and international.

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