More than 60.000 employment opportunities come from the sport fishing

Written by Angie Vargas
October 15, 2014
Sport fishing Costa Rica

Located between two oceans, the tropical jewel of Costa Rica offers world class sport fishing. In fact, more than 40 world fishing records have been set along the Pacific coast of Costa Rica. Without a doubt, this place is a fishing vacation paradise!

No matter what are you looking for, this amazing country is an ideal place for fishermen. Here you can find multiple opportunities to enjoy fishing that go from one day tours to a week package or even more. Costa Rica is one of the countries in the world with more coastal, lake and river resource to meet the sport fishing tourism as along its Atlantic and Pacific coasts are areas for fishing, considered among the best in the world. There are places like Tortuguero, Barra del Colorado and Culebra Bay that cannot be forgotten in a Costa Rica fishing travel.

Social benefits of the sport fishing

Being one of the best places to do fishing in Central America is a benefit for the country because all the direct and indirect jobs this activity generates. More than 60.000 employment opportunities come from the sport fishing in the different regions where it is practiced and the best thing about this is that sport fishing tourism is economically benefiting multiple sectors.

The captains and sailors of the boats, as well as receiving fixed incomes also get tips from tourists - most of whom are from United States and Canada – and they also have the opportunity to learn a second language and grow professionally. This also helps to improve the quality of life of many families.

If you are planning a fishing Costa Rica vacation package, you are also contributing with the socio-economic development of the coastal areas and the conservation of the marine resource.

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