Russian tourists won’t need Visa to come to Costa Rica anymore

Writen by Jenny Araya

If you are from Russia and you’re planning to come to Costa Rica for your next holiday vacations, we have very good news for you! Our country eliminated the visa requirement for citizens of the Russian Federation in order to increase tourism from that country.

Of course we want to make you easier the job of planning a Costa Rica travel, because we want you to enjoy our top tourist attractions whenever you want. Previously, Russian citizens could request their visas only at the Costa Rican Consulate in Moscow, which for residents in other parts of that country meant long traveling distances.

These are amazing news if you are a travel agent too, as now you can offer Costa Rica vacation packages all inclusive for Russian citizens without worrying for extra papers. This measure will allow a maximum stay of up to 30 days that can be extended for up to 90 days.

How can we help you?

The Russian tourist looking for Costa Rica vacations is a young and highly educated traveler, between 25 to 35 years old, according to a study by the Costa Rica Tourism Board. This means that if you are planning to come, we suppose you will be interested in exploring the most adventurous face of the country. We at Travel Excellence can help you planning the most exciting all-inclusive adventure packages.

Fun activities like canopy and white water rafting tours and the best 5 star hotels, will give you the opportunity to live an unforgettable experience.

Also, the same study said that Russian tourists who would be interested in visiting the country usually travel with their families and spend up to $5,000 during an average 11-day visit. Vacation packages like Costa Rica Classic, Costa Rica a Bit of Everything or Deluxe Adventure in Costa Rica seem to have been created thinking on you.

Finally, even when we don’t offer Costa Rica vacation packages including airfares, Tourism Minister Allan Flores said that at least two Russian airlines are evaluating to have flights to and from Costa Rica’s Juan Santamaría International Airport and Daniel Oduber International Airport, so now you will have no excuse.

We are active members of the most important tourist associations, both national and international.

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