Miley Cyrus, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie and other famous people prefer Costa Rica to live or to spend vacations

Writen by Adrian Solano

he travel agencies and tour operators sell a lot of packages for Costa Rica travel vacations every day. Buyers of these favorable trips and tours are an increasing number of famous people, including singers, actors, football players, TV stars, among other celebrities from different countries.

This week, the famous actress, and singer Miley Cyrus is enjoying one of the group tours that the country offers. Cyrus is visiting some beautiful destinations in Guanacaste together with her boyfriend and a group of friends. Besides, some days ago the British daily “The Sun” published that the well-known couple of actors Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie will make a family travel for share the Christmas festivities in Costa Rica with their family.

The increasing arrival of megastars to the country for travel vacations, to look for condos for sale or to invest in beachfront properties in Costa Rica, helps to position more and more the concept of tropical paradise, which attracts other famous people.

Certainly, every day is easier to find face to face a famous singer or a Hollywood star enjoying eco tours in the tropical Caribbean, or surfing vacations in the sunny Pacific coast. But, why so many famous people prefer Costa Rica? Ireth Rodríguez, the Promotion Manager of Costa Rica Tourism Bureau (ICT) explains that “person to person” publicity between the same actors has good results.

“The visiting of celebrities reinforces this kind of promotion, and it represents a good recognition of our touristic services quality, and the model of sustainable touristic development, which has made a difference respect to the rest of the world”, said Rodríguez.

A good example of that is the Mel Gibson case. The actor came to look for Costa Rica property sales, and he bought a house in Malpaís. Gibson also brought famous Britney Spears with him some time ago.

Carlos Benavides, ex Minister of Tourism, emphasized that “rich people see the country as a good, secure option for tour vacations, into a context of nature protection. They can walk peacefully in places which assure some privacy”.

In addition, short distances, gently people, mountains, volcanoes and beautiful properties on sale are some of the powerful reasons for moving to Costa Rica or just to get packages trips for exciting getaways to this marvelous land.

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