La Paz Waterfall Gardens

La paz waterfall gardens
La paz waterfall gardens
La paz waterfall gardens
La paz waterfall gardens
La paz waterfall gardens

About this activity

La Paz Waterfall Gardens is a 70-acre private ecological park located 48 km away from San Jose, Costa Rica. This means that just 1 hour from your city hotel, taking the same route that leads up to Poas Volcano National Park, this attraction offers an amazing experience of preservation and wildlife exploration for both children and adults.

The park is open year round, from 8:00 am to 5:00pm, and the average tour time is 2 hours. Mainly, La Paz Waterfall Gardens is a self-guided tour, but there are English speaking guides available (by reservation) in case you want to receive more information about all the things you will be seeing during the circuit.

Besides, it is possible to include an amazing meal at the park’s restaurant. The lunch at the park has been recognized as one of the best, and is a buffet that offers multiple options ranging from traditional Costa Rican dishes to traditional fast food like French fries and pizza.

Along the 3.5 km of trails there is a variety of attractions to enjoy: hiking paths, waterfalls, animal exhibitions…it is impossible to get bored!! The most important thing, don’t forget to take your camera!!

What to bring? Comfy walking shoes, comfortable clothes, a raincoat and insect repellent.

What’s included? Entrance ticket for a whole day of adventures:

Five Incredible Waterfalls

La Paz Waterfall Gardens offers the closest waterfalls to San Jose. There are five beautiful waterfalls connected by a number of trails in very good condition. During the trip, it is possible to enjoy the magic of the forest and the wildlife within.

The most popular waterfall is “Magia Blanca” due to the platform that allows to take incredible photos under the cascade.
Once you visit the last cascade, you will get to a small shop where you can buy water or use the bathrooms while you wait the shuttle bus that will take you to the park reception.

This hike is recommended only for people with good physical condition.

Jungle Cats Exhibition

This exhibition is one of the most popular attractions in the park. During the walk, you will be able to see five of the six endangered species of wild felines in Central America: pumas, jaguars, ocelots, jaguarundis (or eyra cats) and margays.

The most important thing about this exhibition is that all the animals have been rescued from danger, this means that all are either old, injured, or have been exposed to humans for too long to be released back into the wild.


The aviary at La Paz Waterfall Gardens is a paradise for bird lovers! In this spot can be seen some of the most beautiful bird species in Costa Rica like toucans, scarlet macaws, tanagers, parrots, and woodpeckers. The same as the jungle cat exhibition, all birds in this exhibition have been rescued from illegal hunters and lack the basic skills to survive in their natural habitat.

Besides these attractions, which are the main ones, there are also other exhibitions such as the butterfly garden, the hummingbird garden, the frog exhibit, the snake garden, and the monkey exhibition.

There is also a typical “casita” – which is a replica of a Costa Rican farmhouse – where you will be able to take a ride in an ox-cart and taste freshly made tortillas and a cup of coffee; an authentic Costa Rican experience!

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