Irazu Volcano, Orosi Valley & Lankester Gardens

About this activity

In this tour we will be able to see the impressive Irazú volcano, we will visit a site of great historical and cultural value in the country and we will observe a great amount of beautiful flora.

We will take the Pan-American Highway to the South and begin the ascent towards the great “Iztaru”. The winding road will take us through fertile lands, cultivated with all kinds of vegetables, such as potatoes, onions and garlic, among others. At the top of the volcano, we will observe the main craters known as Irazú, Playa Hermosa and Diego de la Haya. This colossus is the highest volcano in the national territory: 3,432m high (11,000 feet) above sea level, its last eruptive phase includes the period from 1963 to 1965, with strong gas and ash emanations that were perceived throughout the country. On a sunny day, you can see both the Atlantic and the Pacific oceans.

After the tour to the volcano, we descend to the city of Cartago, the old capital of Costa Rica, established in 1563 by the conqueror Juan Vázquez de Coronado, where we stop is at the Basilica of the Virgin of the Angels, a place of pilgrimage for many believers, this is a tradition prevailing since 1635.

The next stop is the Lankester Botanical Garden, a research center of the University of Costa Rica, created for the protection and preservation of more than 800 species of orchids, as well as other plant species. In this place there is a guided tour of the different sections, such as bromeliads, cactus, heliconias and palms, among others.

Next, we will continue towards the wonderful and scenic Orosí valley, surrounded by beautiful mountains and a diversity of crops such as coffee and sugar cane, among others. This was one of the most important settlements during the colonial era, witnessing various historical events featuring pirate attacks, earthquakes, floods, as well as the significance of the orders of Franciscans entrusted with the evangelization process and pioneers in the uprising of the country’s first Catholic temples.

On this tour we will visit one of the few colonial churches that still stands, followed by a delicious typical lunch at the best restaurant in the area.

What to bring: Coat, camera, comfortable walking shoes, binoculars, and a raincoat or rain poncho.

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