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Hotel Rio Perdido

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Location Bagaces, Guanacaste. You arrive through a meandering country road, surrounded by a volcanic mountain range and a dwarf-forest, a rare habitat within the Costa Rican tropical dry forest. Getting a bit more into the elements that inspired the design: the hotel site is just north of the amazing convergence point. This means that two deep canyons flank it. One is a completely vertical gorge carrying cool waters with a peculiar white tint and the other is the thermo-mineral Rio Perdido.

The owner wants guests to remain conscious of this magical setting and thus, designed bungalows that would allow most elements to permeate through the unit’s four sides. The ever-present breezes, the crisp light, the sounds of the surrounding forest…these are elements that they sought to preserve while insuring comfort to their guests.

More importantly, these are elements practically force peace upon guests! The hotel has 20 junior suites with these services: breakfast a la Carte included in rate, restaurant, bar, free parking and transfer to the hotel and main building, laundry and ironing service, craft and convenience shop. Hotel recreation: spa, three thermo-mineral pools, suspension bridge, trail forest network, river pools and hot springs, lookout points, 10-mile bike park, canyon adventure and other tours.

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