Trapiche Tour

About this activity

The Trapiche Tour takes place on the farm of a Costa Rican family that offers visitors the opportunity to learn about various traditional crops such as sugar cane, coffee, bananas, oranges, macadamia and arracache (Arracacia xanthorrhiza). The visit begins with a walk on the farm, passing through a small area of forest where wildlife is currently seen.

The guide will explain the process of farming of the sugar cane, the natural history of this important crop and the milling of cane juice, with the help of oxen! Once this explanation is finished, we will talk about coffee, showing the different stages of its farming (crushed, peeled and roasted).

To end the tour of the plantations, you are invited to make a small journey in a cart with oxen from the sugarcane plantation to the place where the cocoa process is shown. To end this interesting visit, you have the opportunity to make your own candi or “sobado” and to taste a delicious “gallito” of arracache hash with an exquisite cup of coffee.

Duration: 2 hours approximately.
What to bring? Comfortable clothes, light coat (depending on the weather), sunscreen, camera.
What is included? Entrance, guided tour, typical snacks, and coffee.

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