Lazy Lizard Catamaran Morning Or Afternoon Tour In Flamingo

About this activity

This family-friendly sailing tour in Flamingo can be taken at the morning or at the sunset. Both of them include all the same activities and amenities, but the morning tour has some additional benefits for those who are traveling with children or who simply like to be active in the earlier part of the day in Guanacaste. The departure is programmed for leaving at 8:30 a.m. and then head north along the Guanacaste coast, enjoying the refreshing morning air.

Adults will enjoy complimentary beverages and children are sure to be enthralled by the birds circling above, the variety of marine life, and the jungle sights along the shoreline. As the catamaran head further out into the open waters it’s easy to imagine that you are the first people to explore these pristine areas! Visitors anchor at a secluded inlet to have fun in the water – snorkeling, kayaking or just swimming at their own leisure.

The Morning Sun ‘n’ Splash Tour allows more time for snorkeling than the Sunset Tour, which is one of the many reasons families enjoy this tour so much. High-quality equipment is provided for all activities, including life vests and flotation noodles for those who want added support in the water. The snorkeling guide will point out all kinds of fascinating ocean creatures as you explore the cove; you may even get to touch a puffer fish or an octopus! All that excitement is bound to build up your appetite.

​When you return to the catamaran, you will be greeted with a delicious picnic-style lunch. With fully bellies and plenty of amazing moments to discuss, the catamaran set sail once again and arrive back at the marina by 12:30 (this applies for the morning tour) leaving you the rest of the day for whatever adventure awaits you next. For the Sunset tour, the departure is set at 14:00 hours.

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