Boat Ride Through Jungle River And Crocodile Adventure

About this activity

Located on the Pacific Central coast of Costa Rica, board the boat and set off to your approximate two ½ hours scenic river adventure. The Guacalillo estuary is noted for its mangrove forests.

The mangroves are a group of unrelated woody plants that grow in protected tropical coasts. The mangrove is also a great habitat for many endemic birds like the cuckoo, Mangrove Hummingbirds, Vireo, Panama Flycatcher and many herons and egrets.

This particular mangrove forest is one of the most important in the mid-Pacific Coast for the conservation of the Scarlet Macaw. Though this endangered bird species spends most of the day in the forest, they rest in the mangroves.

Look out for some 250 species of birds, crocodiles, mammals and insects. Also, the Tárcoles River mouth is considered by birdwatchers to be one of the richest sites for sea birds and shorebirds, specifically during the migration from October through April.

Ospreys, gulls, cormorants, pelicans and frigate birds are some of the most common species in the delta. Spot the large colonies of crocodiles! Some of these reptiles are easily 10-feet long. Iguanas, Jesus Christ lizards and many other species will help you to understand the importance of this eco system and why we must preserve it.

Back on land, enjoy a tropical fruit snack, sodas and bottled water.

Lunch available upon request.

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