Arenal River Drift

About this activity

Sky River Drift Arenal its the newest attraction of Sky Adventures. Explore the mountain in a fun and very exciting way. This tour has three different activities: sliding, descending and drifting. In order to arrive to the river, first you will slide on a thrilling zip line circuit that will take you to a huge tree platform.

From here, a controlled descent device will allow you to reach the river. This device will also allow the most adventurous to jump from the platform performing a speed controlled vertical descent, hands free, to experience a sense of fun and exciting freedom. Once down, the river tubing adventure begins, drifting on individual rafts, through the Piedras Negras River, on a fast water path with controlled rapids.

Important notes:

  • Tubes or rafts are big and spacious, allowing stability and protection.
  • The equipment used for the descent is a safety guaranteed German engineered device: DEUS.
  • The tour has a series of rapids, with curves and small drops.


  • Closed footwear, suitable for hiking and water activities.
  • Comfortable clothing, suitable for water activity.
  • Bring a change of clothes for after the activity.


  • No sandals or bare feet are allowed.
  • There is no maximum weight limit per person but the harness must fit securely. A maximum waist size of 44 inches.
  • Children must be taller than 4’7” (140cm).

Duration: 3 hours approx.

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