Costa Rica Local Flavor Tour

Writen by Milagro Guerrero

Experience a fun and informative tour of local cuisine: where the organic ingredients come from, how dishes are prepared, and how to recreate recipes at home.

First stop at the local farmers’ market in Quepos, where you will have the opportunity to browse the stands and pick out ingredients for your lunch with the guide’s assistance depending on menu designed for you. Once in the small town of Londres, at a private ranch and dining area, you will be greeted by the team. They will proceed to guide you through our organic garden to pick out some finishing flavors, colors and textures for your meal. Now, to the preparation guided by the expert local cooks.

Participate in the kitchen and experience the process of making corn tortillas by hand, exotic “ceviches” with plantain or banana, rice cooked the old-fashioned way, chicken in a hearty tomato sauce, “picadillos” (minced meats and veggies and spices combined), and more. Once you sit down for your meal, not only will your appetite be satiated but also your curiosity for Costa Rican local flavors.

Let your imagination soar on how to recreate at home with your own seasonal ingredients.

There is leisure time available for you to explore the ranch, and walk down to the Naranjo River where, weather permitting, you can have a dip in the refreshing waters.

Writen by Milagro Guerrero

Experience the “magic of nature” and enjoy Costa Rica’s authentic rural heritage with the highest rated tour in Manuel Antonio. This guided nature, conservation and cultural expedition takes you along lush jungle-shrouded slopes within the Fila Chonta Mountains where three rivers are born making their way to the Pacific Ocean.

Enjoy a refreshing swim beneath mesmerizing waterfalls. Spot fascinating regional wildlife, including a myriad of birds, insects and reptiles, and try your luck at organic Tilapia fishing. Visit an authentic sugar mill powered by two massive oxen, and have the option to take a guided horseback ride.

Learn about coffee and citrus production, and participate in the Carbon Offset Tree Adoption Program supported by the Corcovado Foundation conservation alliance.

Complete your journey back into time with a typical Campesino style lunch overlooking the panoramic vista of Manuel Antonio National Park. Just a one-hour scenic country drive will offer you the chance to experience the true meaning of our “pura vida” hospitality while helping preserve Costa Rica’s rural heritage.

Writen by Milagro Guerrero

During this 3-hour tour, visitors can feel the thrill of riding on their own ATV in the hills outside Quepos, as the bilingual guide lead them through rustic unpaved roads, giant African palm plantations, cattle farms, and typical towns such as Naranjito and Londres.

Then there is a chance to cool off in the refreshing crystal-clear waters of a waterfall.

Children under parental supervision are permitted.

Writen by Milagro Guerrero

Manuel Antonio is a small town in the Central Pacific of Puntarenas, and it is one of the most beautiful and richest wildlife spots in Costa Rica, having its own National Park called Manuel Antonio. It is one of the most popular touristic attractions in Costa Rica, being visited by approximately 160,000 visitors every year. The weather in Manuel Antonio is warm and humid, with heavy rains in the rainy season months and many hours of sunlight during the dry season.

Manuel Antonio is located 100 miles south from San José, and you can get there in three hours using the Costanera Highway, that crosses the Pacific Coast parallel to the ocean, giving you spectacular landscapes and making the trip more pleasant. Once you get to Quepos, the closest town and right by the highway, you have to drive 5 miles south to Manuel Antonio. Another traveling option is to take a flight from San Jose, which takes 20 minutes to get to Quepos.

On the way to the town, you will see many hotels in the hills that surround the park. Many of these hotels are Costa Rica luxury resorts, suited for large budgets, but you will also find cheap Costa Rica hotels in Quepos and Manuel Antonio. You will find the most expensive hotels in the top of the hills, having breath taking views of the Pacific Ocean. Some of these luxury hotels offer discounts during the green season, usually between May and October.

The Manuel Antonio National Park is a small place, compared with other National Parks in Costa Rica. However, it offers a huge variety of wildlife and beautiful beaches that will impress visitors in Costa Rica ecology tours. There are four beaches called Manuel Antonio, Playita, Espadilla Sur and Escondido.

You can make Costa Rica surf tours in those beaches. There are islands close to the shoreline, coral reefs, a dense rainforest that can be crossed using the trails from where you will see several species of monkeys (like white-faced monkeys, squirrel monkeys) and other mammals, birds, reptiles and amphibians. It is a perfect location for Costa Rica birding tours.

Due to the small size of the Park, attendance is limited at 600 people per day from Tuesday to Friday, and 800 people on weekends during Costa Rica guided tours. The Park is closed on Mondays. Enjoy the stunning beauty of Manuel Antonio.

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Savegre River is without a doubt one of the most pristine rivers in the country and is wonderfully surrounded by lush vegetation thanks to its proximity to Manuel Antonio National Park. In fact, this river flows south until reaching an estuary in this world-known National Park located on the Central Pacific coast of Costa Rica.

The river features class II and III rapids, which are perfect for Costa Rica family vacations. This means that even children of a certain age are not going to miss the opportunity to enjoy this experience. It’s important to mention the fact that Costa Rica white water rafting companies are always on the lookout for that all safety measures are met, so they will ensure that children meet height and weight necessary for life jackets for example.

Difficulty: Moderate

What to bring? Rubber-soled shoes that can get, swimsuit, waterproof sunscreen lotion, hat, croakies or straps to secure glasses, clothing change.

Minimum age: 5 years old

Writen by Milagro Guerrero

Row in the tranquil waters of a magical place to learn this sport and explore the animal life of the coastal mangroves.

An excellent excursion for bird watching.

Writen by Milagro Guerrero

The morning tour includes a snorkeling adventure at one of the beautiful snorkeling locations along the coast of one of the local beaches.

The afternoon tour is a truly amazing trip for nature lovers who will enjoy not only the experience itself but the breathtaking sunset of the Pacific Ocean.

Humpback whales, and dolphins as well as other beautiful marine life can be witnessed on our catamaran tour. On board you will be offered an excellent variety of snacks and natural drinks.

These can be enjoyed while navigating along the coast with the ocean breeze and the sun, helping you to enjoy this tropical paradise.

We are active members of the most important tourist associations, both national and international.

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