Selva Bananito Lodge

Selva Bananito Lodge
Selva Bananito Lodge
Selva Bananito Lodge
Selva Bananito Lodge
Selva Bananito Lodge

Caribbean Bananito

About the hotel

Selva Bananito Lodge is built on a family farm, of which only one third of the property is actually used for farming.

In 1994 the family decided to declare the untouched two thirds of the farm (850 hectares or 2,000 acres) a private, biological reserve and built the lodge as an alternative source of income. Selva Bananito Ecolodge has been built with recycled waste wood from logging activity that took place several decades ago.

One important thing to know… there is no electricity in the lodge which creates a quiet and relaxing environment, very much in tune with the surroundings. However, if guests need to recharge any batteries, the lodge will arrange it through the farm management.

The lodge has five spacious standard rooms and six even more spacious superior rooms, with ample decks with spectacular views and comfortable hammocks. Each room has solar heated warm water and an ample restroom and shower area. LED reading lamps powered by solar energy are provided.

The main office is located in the building opposite the entrance to the rooms. Here guests may leave valuables for safekeeping. Following the main road downhill, you will find the Rancho, which has a dining area, bar, and small library upstairs, and kitchen and personnel facilities downstairs. Meals are served here and can be a nice opportunity to meet and socialized with other guests.

The guests can choose among several activities such as bird watching, guided walks through the rain forest, horseback riding, rappelling or tree climbing. Selva Bananito Lodge and Reserve offers tranquility, beauty, close contact with nature, and the opportunity to experience the rain forest first hand.

It also offers an insight into agriculture in the humid tropics. Moreover, Selva Bananito takes an active stand in environmental protection and by choosing to visit Selva Bananito Lodge, guests become an integral and active part of this conservation process.

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