Cultour - Rural Tourism

Northern Region

About this activity

Share with us the culture, traditions, and the way of life in the country on a unique journey combining the beauty of nature and encounters with the local population as an unforgettable learning experience.

Tour activities include: Typical lunch at Casona Río Fortuna, prepared on the original wood stove and served the traditional way, introduction to Casona Río Fortuna and its rich history, stroll through the surrounding orchard, kitchen and flower gardens, preparation of Tico-style coffee and traditional corn tortillas, excursion on a comfortable tractor-drawn trailer with rooftop across plantations of pineapple, papaya, plantain, and cassava, meeting the owner family of a local farm at their authentic country house, visit of the rural settlement of Sonafluca and presentation of local folk dances in a local school performed by students.

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