Costa Rica tours and activities

Costa Rica tours and activities

This country is a place with privileged conditions. Anywhere you look you breathe nature, tranquility and at the same time adrenaline and emotion. The country's climate and its topography allow Costa Rica to be a real delight for its visitors, who come to the country with thirst for adventure, relaxation and unforgettable moments to live during their vacations in Costa Rica.

Throughout the national territory it is possible to find a varied topography that gives that touch of distinctive character to each place visited. There are beaches with calm waters to swim, and others whose landscape makes possible great waves to surf and have fun. But, of course, all equally wonderful to enjoy a few days away from the daily grind.

In Costa Rica you can find quiet valleys for horseback rides and simple hikes for the less adventurous, up steep terrain for riskier walkers or for those who love the adrenaline of descending a canyon amid waterfalls and lots of forest around.

The country has dedicated itself to protecting its natural resources and using them in a way that conserves the wealth of biodiversity that Costa Ricans have, while at the same time serving as a source of income for local families and a form of entertainment and fun for those who visit this small but amazing place.

Precisely, it is this use of natural resources and variations of terrain which makes it possible for tours in Costa Rica to be as varied as surprising, thus being able to satisfy the different tastes of those who visit the country during their vacations.

And in Costa Rica there is something for everyone! Those tourists focused on cultural experiences have the possibility to find different cultural excursions in the capital, San Jose, and in the other provinces. Tours of coffee, chocolate or sugarcane, coexistence with different indigenous groups, visits to real farms, culinary experiences with local families that teach about typical Costa Rican food, visits to museums, observation of typical dances, and much more can be included in all the Costa Rica vacation packages.

Those visitors who seek tranquility during their holidays and a direct contact with nature can easily find activities in which the forest and the natural wonders of the country will be directly in contact with them during their vacations. The nocturnal tours through the forest, boat rides in the middle of mangroves or through the Tortuguero canals, walks amidst the lush forests of the national parks, observation of the turtle’s nesting in Costa Rica’s beaches, among others, are part of the unforgettable experiences that can be lived here.

Of course, the activities full of adrenaline and excitement can’t be missed while staying here, as those are an important part of the country's tourist offer. Costa Rica is internationally recognized thanks to its excellent conditions for adventure tourism and extreme sports, which, along with the good service that characterizes the country, will make the stay during the holidays as a truly unforgettable one.

Possibilities are just endless here! Discover more by entering each of the zones described below.

Activities in San Jose Costa Rica

San Jose Costa Rica is full of culture and history, outstanding and varied architecture, friendly locals and great nightlife. The city is the capital of the country since 1823, when it was moved from Cartago to this place, and it is considered as a traditional Central American city as well as a cosmopolitan urban city.

San Jose offers to its visitors an amazing collection of varied attractions and activities to enjoy while vacationing in Costa Rica. From cultural tours to exquisite dining places, there is everything you need in order to have a superb stay in the city. The access to different museums and cultural spots such as the Central Market is a plus in the city as everything can be found within walking-distance.

The San Jose Costa Rica hotels offer is very varied too. Here, visitors have a great selection of accommodations to choose from; you can find small boutique hotels, just to add a little more luxury and comfort to your trip, and corporate chain resorts that will simplify your business travel. Different amusing Costa Rica tours can be enjoyed by travelers right in the capital city, and some others depart directly from San Jose downtown, which makes it an ideal spot for start your adventure in the country.

Activities in Monteverde Costa Rica

Monteverde Costa Rica is an area which boasts several different activities. The most famous tours that can be enjoyed here are the hikes inside their protected national park and reserve. The forest is amazing and you can observe a different side of the wildlife and the lush vegetation that is so characteristic of the place. Here in Monteverde visitors can also find different hummingbird and orchid gardens, some of the best zip lines in Costa Rica, horseback riding tours through beautiful landscapes, coffee tours as this product is very recognized in the area, wildlife exhibits during the day and the night –as nocturnal tours are a great spectacle here-, “trapiche” tours (sugar cane mill), and more activities to compliment your stay.

This destination is ideal for family vacations in Costa Rica, as there are familiar tours for everyone’s tastes and they are a great opportunity to learn more about nature, wildlife and traditions in a fun and enjoyable experience.

Activities in Manuel Antonio Costa Rica

Manuel Antonio Costa Rica is located in the Central Pacific side of the country and is considered one of the best beaches in Costa Rica not only for its great beauty but also for the different possibilities to enjoy when vacationing there. Activities here involve great weather, salty adventures, and lots of fun and relax. The area is a small ocean view village that features a great variety of hotels to stay, ranging from luxury resorts facing the ocean to small and cozy hotels amidst the rainforest.

This area is famous for its great variety of activities to do during your Costa Rica holidays in Manuel Antonio. The national park is a well-known spot for both visitors looking for relax and for those who are looking for wildlife and nature hikes. Other recognized Costa Rica tours here are sport fishing, rafting, kayaking in the mangroves, walking tours, canopy tours, sea kayaking, stand up paddle tours, horseback rides, surfing lessons, and catamaran rides, just to mention a few of the most popular activities.

Activities in Puerto Viejo Costa Rica

Puerto Viejo Costa Rica is a place that people must visit when vacationing in Costa Rica as it is home of the Afro Caribbean culture, part of our idiosyncrasy, and it is a place where you can taste delicious, unique and very tasty gastronomy. Most of the Costa Rica hotels of the South Caribbean side are located here. The area features beautiful crystal clear water beaches, perfect for swimming, relaxing, and surfing. If visitors walk in the main town, they will be in close contact with the local people and get to know better the culture. A relaxed atmosphere and good vibe are the main characteristics of Puerto Viejo; it is the real Caribbean feeling. Bike rides here are very common, so you can rent a bike when visiting the area, it is the best way to explore it! Puerto Viejo you have a lot of nice beaches that you can visit. We recommend Punta Uva, and also a visit to the nearby Cahuita. Among the Costa Rica tours here you can find visits to the national park, visits to the Indigenous reserves, the Jaguar Rescue Center, surf lessons, nature hikes, among a lot more of activities.

Activities in Arenal Costa Rica

Arenal Costa Rica in La Fortuna is one of the most famous locations in Costa Rica. The Arenal Volcano can be found in the area and is one of the most well-known volcanoes in Costa Rica. Few years ago this volcano was very active. The area features a lot of different Costa Rica hotels options and also, there are countless Costa Rica tours that take place in the areas surrounding the volcano. This offers access to majestic waterfalls, lush forest, the volcano area, the largest lake in the country, several rivers, which is traduced into a lot of adventurous options to enjoy during vacation. Here, nature lovers can enjoy great hikes, horseback rides, hanging bridges tours, encounters with the local fauna and even, underground cave excursions. Other famous tours are the rappelling and canyoning amidst waterfalls, Stand Up Paddle in the lake, floating and tubbing in the rivers, visits to Rio Celeste, hikes in the Tenorio National Park, night tours, canopy, cultural tours, dance and cooking lessons, visits to the Chachagua Rainforest, mountain biking, exciting ATV’s tours, and much more to add to your Costa Rica vacations package.

Activities in Tamarindo Costa Rica

Tamarindo Costa Rica is one of the nicest North Pacific beaches, located in the province of Guanacaste. The place is a popular destination among couples, families, and groups of friends who want to experience relaxation, adventure, and fun in the beach during their Costa Rica vacations. The area offers a remarkable beach, a great saltwater estuary, a lot of the best surf spots and also there are available some great fishing experiences. Visitors looking for good surfing, shopping options, and fine dining while at the beach will be more than pleased to be here. Tamarindo Costa Rica not only offers its white-sand beach, here it is possible to enjoy mangroves, great birdwatching, wildlife, and lots of harmony with nature. The Costa Rica tours and experiences developed in Tamarindo are related to nature, relaxation, adventure, recreation, culture and traditions, and sports: stand up paddle, sailing cruises, surf, ATV’s, canopy, mangroves and estuaries, fishing, night tours, floating and rafting, horseback rides, bike rentals, wind surfing, and more.

Activities in Rincon de la Vieja

Rincon de la Vieja Costa Rica is one of the active volcanos of the country. It is part of the National Park that owns the same name and that was stated as World Heritage by the UNESCO in 1999. The area is one of the most visited in the province of Guanacaste Costa Rica as its natural beauty makes it an amazing spot to know and enjoy while on vacation.

The area has developed into an important region full of agricultural activities and tourism offers. There, visitors can find banana, coffee, sugar cane, and pineapple crops, as well as ornamental plants. The livestock is also an important economic activity here.

This national park is the most visited one in the Guanacaste Conservation Area, as travelers come attracted by the biodiversity and the possibility of spotting different mammals, reptiles, and birds, the thermal sources, the natural pools, the mud baths, and the smoky landscape that can be seen here.

Activities here are very varied and full of nature and unforgettable memories: canyoning, horseback riding, thermal waters to relax, canopy, ATV’s, hikes through the forest, mud baths, tubbing in the rivers, and more. A true paradise on Earth!

Activities in Turrialba Costa Rica

Turrialba Costa Rica is a nice place to be off the beaten track during your Costa Rica travel. The region is a perfect for adventurous tourists and nature lovers as the village is surrounded by winding rivers and lush mountains; highly recommended if you are looking for being in close contact with nature in an interesting and beautiful place. The Turrialba Volcano is located here, amidst a scenic valley with beautiful mountains. Here is located too, an important botanical garden where a lot of scientists do educational researches, develop projects and investigations. In Turrialba Costa Rica you will experience an authentic rural place, surrounded by nature and fresh landscapes in which you will experience the real ecotourism while taking some Costa Rica tours such as canyoning, canopy, hikes, wildlife explorations, horseback ridings, mountain biking, and, of course, white-water rafting. There visitors can find a lot of interesting places to explore and discover, at the time that learn more about Costa Rica.

Activities in Sarapiqui Costa Rica

Sarapiqui Costa Rica is part of the Central Valley, covering the 85% of the province of Heredia. The region is becoming a popular tourist destination among the nature lovers and those who are adventurers and love the adrenaline of the white-water Costa Rica rafting experience down the Sarapiqui River. The area is also well known for its several wildlife and nature reserves that can be found nearby turning it into a great ecotourism destination. Here can be found several protected zones such as the Braulio Carrillo National Park and La Selva Biological Station. This is an ideal spot for vacationing in Costa Rica, especially for those who love being outdoors and the different natural tours, as here horseback ridings, birdwatching in the forest, hikes or kayaking through the mangroves are top activities. Also, you can find some great banana plantations to explore and learn about the planting process; colorful butterfly gardens, and hundreds of wildlife species such as snakes, frogs, birds, and mammals.

Activities in Jaco Costa Rica

aco Costa Rica has a privileged location as it is the nearest beach to the capital and some of the main cities of the country. The area is located very close to the main Costa Rica airport, the Juan Santamaria International Airport. Here, visitors can find a wide range of lodging options ideal for all budgets, varied and delicious dining options, great nightlife and exciting Costa Rica tours. The Costa Rica beaches in Jaco are worldwide recognized for its waves ideal for surfing, at the same time that they are ideal for walks on the beach and sport fishing. Other aquatic activities are the delight of the visitors: kayaks, stand up paddles, boat rides, and swimming, just to mention a few. But not everything is about the sea and the beach, here you can find other Costa Rica tours such as ATV’s, horseback ridings, canopy tours, hikes, bike tours, and great golf courses if you are a passionate of this sport.

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