Kiwanda Maji

Kiwanda Maji
Kiwanda Maji
Kiwanda Maji
Kiwanda Maji
Kiwanda Maji

About this activity

Located in Gavilán de Upala, at only 56 kilometers from Liberia, in the North side of the Rincón de La Vieja volcano. Its name, “Kiwanda Maji” comes from the Swahili dialect and means “Water Factory”, an ideal name due to its closeness to many rivers and waterfalls that surrounds the property.

The climate in the region is characteristic of the rainforest, and that’s why the place has a unique greenery with tall trees and abundant wildlife. Kiwanda Maji is the perfect combination among lush nature and the real operations of a traditional estate. The estate has an extension of 180 ha, from which there are some areas dedicated to the production in the farm.

Here the visitor can enjoy a variety of activities such as visit to the cattle in the farm and learn about them and their benefits. Then, visitors will head directly to the dairy and the cheese factory to learn about the milking process and the production of artisan cheese and also they will have the opportunity to taste the awesome cheeses. Once they visited the cheese factory, the tour will head towards the pigs’ section, where visitors will learn about these animals and its importance in a farm, as well as about the sustainable feeding process they receive daily.

The last part to visit is the “Hens Gallery” where it is possible to learn about the farming conditions of chickens, hens and other animals that live there. Once the tour by the farm end, the next step is a natural hiking along the trails of the property where the first waterfall of Kiwanda Maji will be visited: “La Catarata del Itio” with its majestic and great fall. The trails are a good way to explore the forest and to see different species of trees, birds, insects and occasional mammals. The tour end with the arrival at the restaurant and its lake, where a delicious and original lunch awaits.

The water of the lake has a wonderful light blue color thanks to the minerals from the volcano. At this point, visitors will have the opportunity of do some kayak, walk around the gardens to enjoy the natural beauty of the place or simply lay down in the chairs outside the restaurant with a cool beverage or a snack.

What is included during this one-day experience?

  • Welcome at Kiwanda Maji.
  • Tour around the farm with a local guide for the traditional experience and the cheeses tasting.
  • Hiking to the waterfall and the trails.
  • Lunch at the restaurant.
  • Free time to additional hikes or just to relax.
  • Bag with raincoat and a water bottle.

What to bring: Comfortable clothing and hiking shoes, swimwear, another clothes to change, sunblock, insect repellent, and hat or cap.

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