World Robotics Olympiad in Costa Rica

Costa Rica will be the official host country for the World Robotics Olympiad in 2017. This event mobilizes more than 2,500 competitors and represents a worldwide showcase to show the technological talent of Costa Ricans.

This designation is of great importance, as it will be the first time this event takes place in a country of the Americas. Since 2004 when the first such Olympiad was held, to date, the host countries have been in Asia and Europe.

Robotics Olympiad attracts more than 50 countries around the world and without doubt, the event will also enhance Costa Rica as a tourist destination.

This event will be held in our country from November 10th to 12th, 2017 and several entities such as the Ministry of Science, Technology and Telecommunications, the Ministry of Education, the Costa Rican Tourism Board, the Ministry of Foreign Trade and the Learning by Doing (exclusive representative of LEGO® Education in Costa Rica) are working together to make the Olympics a success in every aspect.

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