The Presidential Election Campaign is in the final stage

There are five candidates looking for taking over the country’s presidency.

Next February 2nd will be the most important day for the Costa Rican democratic system, in that date all Ticos will vote not only for their favorite candidate for president but we will also elect the two vice presidents and the 57 members of the unicameral Legislative Assembly for four-year terms.

Historically, PUSC and PLN parties have governed Costa Rica since the 1980s, but in the last three elections two non-traditional parties emerged as new forces and one more party joined the group for the current elections.

There are a total of thirteen candidates but according to the latest surveys five of them are leading the electoral contest with more followers; these candidates are the former mayor of San Jose Johnny Araya representing the PLN (National Liberation Party), the lawyer Rodolfo Piza for the PUSC (Social Christian Unity Party), the academic Luis Guillermo Solis for the PAC (Citizen Action Party), the businessman Otto Guevara representing the Movimiento Libertario (Libertarian Movement) and the congressman José María Villalta for Frente Amplio (Broad Front Party), all of them are working hard in their campaigns to get more followers and try to become the next president of Costa Rica.

This will be the first election in which the more than 50,000 Costa Ricans living abroad are going to be able to participate in the elections by voting in one of the country’s 50 consulates.

We are celebrating democracy, our right to vote and the peace, hoping that our new president works hard for the benefit of the country and all Costa Ricans.

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