Top 50 destinations to visit in 2019: Guanacaste Costa Rica is in the list!

Written by MJ Blanco

Top holiday destinations to visit in the world

The international magazine Travel + Leisure placed Guanacaste in the ranking of the 50 destinations in the world that tourists should visit in 2019. Some of the reasons for including this place in the list was, according to the magazine, the exuberant combination of beach and "jungle", as well as its climate and the warmth of its people.

"With its beach-jungle coastline, a splendid variety of biodiversity and a climate as warm as that of the locals, it is not surprising that the northwest corner of Costa Rica became a prime example of ecotourism; that's a lot of paradise to protect, "reads the article.

The expansion of Daniel Oduber Airport in Liberia, hotel renovations and new transport concepts, such as electric bicycles in Andaz Papagayo and Four Seasons beach resorts, are other elements that stand out in the publication. The recent Tu ubicaciónopening of different hotels such as the famous Planet Hollywood Beach Resort that expands the offer of all inclusive resorts or the in area; or the recent opening of the W Hotel of the Marriott brand enhances the positioning of Guanacaste as a world-class preferred destination for vacations. 

The country was not the only destination of the region figuring in the ranking. Other Latin American destinations that appear on the list are El Valle Elqui and Santigo de Chile, Guatemala City, Los Cabos and San Cristobal de las Casas in Mexico, Panama City and Puerto Rico.

Besides its natural wonders and its great efforts for protecting the environment and preserve the sustainability, and the best beaches in Guanacaste, the region is growing as a sanctuary for overtired people, too. The different lodging accommodations offer excellent conditions for those visitants who need an extra dose of relaxation and comfort… alongside with fun and adventure.

The best things to do in Guanacaste include a wide offer of options for all tastes and for travelers of all budgets and kinds. If you are a traveler who prefers the less-paved roads, then you need to know that a stylish new boutique property is about to open in February in car-free Las Catalinas: the 45-room Santarena Hotel.

If you are more into surf and cool vibes, then you must visit the small surf towns in the area like Nosara and their year-round, world-class swells. For beginners and professionals alike. What to do in Guanacaste? Well, besides what the Costa Rica beaches in this area can offer, like surf, Spas, great hotels, and adventure, there is a great place for nightlife fun: Tamarindo beach

Top 50 destinations to visit in 2019: Guanacaste Costa Rica is in the list!

With the release of this list we expect that more adventurous travelers visit Costa Rica in order to fulfill their expectations of the perfect holidays. If you are wondering how to get to Guanacaste, then you must know that the easiest way is by landing in which is the closest airport: The Daniel Oduber in Liberia.

Or, you can drive or take a land transportation from the capital city of the country. How far is San Jose from Guanacaste? The province is located at, approximately, 131 miles from San Jose (210 km). There are local flights also available if you are visiting other destinations first or if you don’t want to drive that much.

Please, consider some Guanacaste vacations for your next travel time: You won’t regret it at all! 

Back into what brought us here… Those destinations in the ranking are truly varied from all around the world and all of them were included taking into consideration the anecdotal evidence of the different choices and selections of the travelers. For example: Where are the families traveling? Which destinations are being popular on Instagram? What places are gaining popularity among travelers?

Thanks to the analysis made, here you have the top 50 destinations to travel the next year:

  1. The Adirondacks, New York
  2. Alberta, Canada
  3. Alsace, France
  4. The Andaman Islands
  5. Armenia
  6. Berlin
  7. Brisbane, Australia
  8. Cambodia
  9. Cambridge, England
  10. Egypt
  11. Elqui Valley, Chile
  12. Etyek, Hungary
  13. The Florida Keys
  14. Georgia
  15. The Grand Canyon
  16. The Grenadines
  17. Guanacaste Province, Costa Rica
  18. Guatemala
  19. Helsinki, Finland
  20. Hoi An, Vietnam
  21. Hudson Yards, New York City
  22. Houston
  23. Ischia, Italy
  24. Israel
  25. Jackson Hole, Wyoming
  26. Langkawi, Malaysia
  27. Los Cabos, Mexico
  28. Madeira, Portugal
  29. Matera, Italy
  30. Montecito, California
  31. Nairobi, Kenya
  32. Namibia
  33. Northern Territory, Australia
  34. Oman
  35. Panama City, Panama
  36. Prague
  37. Puerto Rico
  38. Rwanda
  39. San Cristóbal de las Casas, Mexico
  40. Santiago, Chile
  41. Scotland
  42. The Seychelles
  43. Sharjah, United Arab Emirates
  44. Singapore
  45. South Island, New Zealand
  46. Tisvildeleje and the Danish Riviera
  47. Toronto
  48. Tunisia
  49. Turquoise Coast, Turkey
  50. Uttarakhand, India

We already add these places to our wish list for our next year’s vacations... and you, did you do yours?


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