To the Community Ornithological: Official List of the Birds of Costa Rica

Written by Peter ConradThis year 2012 marks the tenth anniversary AOCR publish and update the Official List of the Birds of Costa Rica. The first list of Birds of Costa Rica, prepared by the AOCR in 1998, fostered between the community of birdwatchers keen to document and included new bird species that you can watch when you take a costa rica adventure travel.

However, with time, there were several ready-to-country, each different in terms of quantities and species contained, in addition to methods and criteria, lax and objectives as to how each person included species. All this caused great confusion among observers and the actual situation of birds in Costa Rica.

In 2002, aware of the problem, the AOCR decided to compile all the listings and rigorously analyze the observations. The analysis was applied under strict scientific rigor, resulting in a single list of Official status for the country. Thus, was born the first edition of the Official List of the Birds of Costa Rica published in the journal Zeledonia Special Edition August 2002 by Gilbert Barrantes, Johel Chaves-Campos and Julio E. Sanchez.

Between the period 2002 to 2006, the Official List was not updated, and again multiplied the different lists for Costa Rica and raised again, the confusion. On the other side and through no fault of the Official List, the Scientific Committee was dissolved because of differences with the Board, and member Julio E.Sanchez gave up and decided to found AOCR Ornithologists’ Union of Costa Rica (UOCR).

In August 2006, Gerardo Obando proposed to the Board of the AOCR resume Update Official Listand to form a new Scientific Committee. Thus, formalizing a forum for discussion among the ornithological community the country including the authors of the Official List of 2002 and implemented the criteria to follow for the new update. They took advantage of an excellent Costa Rica Weather Forecast.

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