Surfer’s heaven is surely between two seas

Written by Isabella Anderson
October 11, 2011

Costa Rica is a surfer’s paradise for vacations and it is not just because there are great waves throughout the whole year. There is a vibrant surf culture on both oceans with a welcoming attitude, the only thing you need is to keep a great one you too.

The Caribbean coast offers great massive waves. Salsa Brava is probably one of the best and it’s considered the most aggressive wave in the whole country, but it is not always on. It is a big massive tube that will surely put your skills to the test. Only for the most experienced surfers.

There are other gentle waves in the Caribbean for beginners.

Jacó instead is a great destination for both beginners and advanced surfers. Jacó has a gentle beach break, great to learn and in case you get the urge to ride larger ones, you can go to Playa Hermosa (just 15 minutes away).

In case you don’t want to travel with your own board, you can rent at both of these beaches. All you need is a deposit and a bathing suite. 

Both of these destinations are included in our Two Waves vacation package. It is a 8 day and 7 nights travel deal that takes you first Playa Cocles in the Caribbean side, then to the Pacific coast and finally to the Arenal Volcano for a bit of jungle trekking. The drive between the Caribbean and the Pacific takes 5 hours and some can say it is a lot but you will see that the waves are worth it.

Other packages also allow for some great surfing. If they include Nosara or Tamarindo, you can be sure good waves are included.

And guess what? This weekend, the swell is rising.

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