September 27th World’s Tourism Day: Why you must choose Costa Rica for your next vacations?

Written by Shannon Farley
La Fortuna, Arenal Volcano Costa Rica

Every World's Tourism Day I choose a different destination to talk a little bit about and why should you visit it. This time I decided to choose Costa Rica. It is a tropical country, located in Central America and it is known around the world because of its unique beauty. But before I describe in detail everything you need to know about this amazing country, I want to comment some of the reasons why Costa Rica is so unique:

1. Peaceful country:

Costa Rica does not have an army since 1948. José Figueres Ferrer, president of that moment, broke a mallet symbolizing the end of the country’s military spirit. It is really important to mention that the budget that was previously dedicated to the military forces is now dedicated to security, education and culture.

When you visit Costa Rica you can really experience a peaceful culture country. The ticos will always be open to help you in everything you need and they are really proud of being one of the countries in the whole world that focuses on dialogue and not violence. As Julio María Sanguinetti, president of Uruguay, said: “where there is a Costa Rican, wherever you are, there will be peace.”

2. “Pura vida” people:

One of the phrases that characterizes the Costa Rican people and it’s really known all over the world is: “pura vida”. This phrase can’t be translated to the English language because it is more than a phrase; it is a way of living life.

Costa Ricans are people that enjoy every minute of their day and always find a reason to smile. They also like to make jokes and give people nicknames. They are such warm and humble people, who love showing tourists everything about their country from food to the most beautiful spots you need to visit. You will enjoy every single minute you spend with them.

3. “Costa Rica, no artificial ingredients”:

This phrase was the slogan of the last touristic Costa Rican campaign and what it means is that when visiting Costa Rica your stay goes beyond a simple trip; it is an experience where culture is lived at its best, you savor each flavor of local foods, spend the day in beautiful beaches, watch amazing volcanoes, get to know exotic species of flora and fauna... Every sensation, every feeling that causes being on this place is unforgettable.

Costa Rica has been characterized as a country that supports eco and sustainable tourism. Both are new tourism tendency that favors sustainability, preservation and appreciation of the environment (natural and cultural). The main idea is to let the tourists connect with nature that surround’s them and while enjoying the visit make only a positive impact on the environment, society and economy.

4. C-Neutral 2021:

One of the most important goals that Costa Rica proposed is to become a carbon neutral country by 2021. The challenge is assumed in 2009 in the United Nations Summit on Climate Change. The main goal is to significantly reduce emissions of Greenhouse Gas. It is important to note that Costa Rica is an innovative country that supports new ideas that benefit the country in one way or another.

Now lets jump into some of the reasons why it is a number one destination for vacations. First of all, Costa Rica is a tropical country with a tropical climate so you can enjoy of a warm day or a rainy one, it depends in which season you want to make your trip. Costa Rica is an ideal place for any type of vacation… If you want to have an unforgettable honeymoon, a fun trip with your family or an adventurous vacation with your friends this little country is your place.

In every single spot you visit there is a tour you can take, for example: canopy, rafting, horse riding, hiking, bird watching, animal watching, kayak, swimming in waterfalls, hiking in the deep woods, chocolate tour, coffee tour, hot springs, volcanoes, surf lessons, one day tour to the national parks, getting to know the main cities tour, whale- dolphin- turtle watching (is an a specific season of the year, you may want to ask your travel agency for more information).

Costa Rica with a coordination and leadership in the growth of "Tourist Poles" would have the capacity to serve more than 4 million tourists without indulging in mega projects and without affecting different areas that are already positioned in the markets. If the institutions of the country support in a better way tourism, Costa Rica would assured the solution to its tax problem, based on revenue growth with existing taxes, without creating more new taxes for the sector, because Costa Rica is not competitive for its prices but for its service.


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