IRONMAN® 70.3® Costa Rica to be held for the first time this June 2017

Written by MJ Blanco

IRONMAN® 70.3® Costa Rica

Finishing details cause the big day is coming! ... So are all the public and private companies involved in this worldwide recognized event the first IRONMAN® 70.3® Costa Rica. The inaugural event will be held this weekend on Sunday, June 18, 2017, in Playas del Coco, Guanacaste.

Costa Rican Wilber Anderson, CEO of Miami Tri Events and Colombia Tri Events was one of the main drivers in bringing the event to his native country. In addition to being Costa Rica a place that meets the essential characteristics to host an event as demanding as the renowned brand IRONMAN®.

CATURGUA (the Spanish acronym for the Tourism Chamber of Guanacaste) from the hand of all the authorities involved decided to hold a press conference at the facilities of their affiliate, the Hard Rock Café located in Playas del Coco, to inform all regional media of the impact of an event like this one for the province. It also informed about which would be the details of important logistics to communicate, once already disclosed by government institutions.

It is the first time that this beautiful province will have more than 20,000 visitors in a single weekend, meeting in one of the main tourist areas of Guanacaste, such as Playas del Coco.

The main challenge for the organizers of this important race was to take the arduous work with the greatest possible success since if this 2017 does a good job then the country can be considered as a great host for this kind of international events. The canton of Carrillo will ensure that it will host three consecutive years of this worldwide competition.

Anderson, commented that this race has been one of the fastest selling inscriptions compared to his previous experiences.

"The previous year when the 2000 registration spaces were opened, they were sold in less than 10 days. Then on March 1st at midnight 100 more seats were opened and nine hours later there was not a single seat so the Canton of Carrillo will receive 2100 athletes next June, "added Anderson.

Playas del Coco Costa Rica Beach

The race venue is located in a beautiful piece of land in Guanacaste, one of the most liked provinces of the country. The pristine waters, the tropical Costa Rica weather, the kindness of the locals, and the delicious cuisine of the region will amaze all the visitors, both athletes and its companions.

The Guanacaste touristic area comprises, approximately, more than 400 miles of coastline. The area of the province is considered from the border of Nicaragua to the Nicoya Peninsula, more specifically, the border finishes in the Bongo River estuary. Due to the lush landscapes and the changeable weather conditions, the region boasts a considerable number of protected areas in which we can name water resources, mountains, lands, and coastal ecosystems.

For sure, the abundant microclimates and the different characteristics in the vegetation lead to many habitats and animal species living in the area. This allow the visitors and foreigners experience wildlife in a new way, lying by the beach or while walking around in the rainforest. Another one reason to visit and explore the area!
If you are one of the thousands of visitors that will be living this sport party this weekend or if you are just enjoying your Costa Rica vacations in this place, let me tell you that you can expect a warm welcome and incomparable landscapes, ranging from lowland mountain forests to the most tropical dry ones.

Playas del Coco is one of the most famous and traditional Costa Rica beaches, the soft waves and the grey sands make it a good spot for recreational and sporting activities. Here you can enjoy a lot of different tours since it is possible to do some diving, snorkeling, boat excursions, hiking, and horseback riding, among other options. Lodging options are also great in this area. (You can contact us if you want to receive more info.)

Concerning the IRONMAN 70.3 Costa Rica triathlon, the race will begin with 1.9 km of swimming in a circuit in the calm waters of Playas del Coco, between corals and fish of a thousand colors. Spectators will witness the entire impressive course of the beautiful beach, with its incredible bay surrounded by sailboats and fishing boats that prints its magic.

The 90 km (56 miles) of cycling will take place on a two-turn cycle between the communities of Sardinal and San Blas, and this circuit will take athletes through the region's lush vegetation, between monkeys and iguanas, while they are cheered by the thousands of spectators that are expected.

Athletics is a journey comprising 21 km (13.1 miles) and will take place between the streets of the community of Playas del Coco, shops, palm trees and run by the sea along the "Paseo Amor de Temporada". This will be one of the friendliest tours for the viewers.

The sum of the distances between the three disciplines that comprise the Triathlon is of approximately 113 km (70.3 miles) that is why it is called IRONMAN 70.3.

The official page of the event highlights Costa Rica as a small country, but with a great vision, where our interest to protect nature, to be the happiest country in the world, to own much of the world's biodiversity, and many others aspects that will make athletes to fall in love with the country, and not only to them but also to their relatives.

As mentioned above it is estimated that this event generates millions of colones (local Costa Rica currency) in profits and not only to the companies near the place of the race but to the province and the country in general.
Priscilla Solano, president of the CATURGUA said that "the demand will be such that only the businesses located in the Gulf of Papagayo will not be the only beneficiaries, this will be an umbrella that covers all of Guanacaste and we expect the country in general".


On past March 1st, Wilber Anderson, CEO of Miami Tri Events and Colombia Tri Events and his team met in the Hall of sessions of the Municipality of Carrillo with all the institutions involved to coordinate with the different police forces, companies and all organizations the last details that cannot be set aside to ensure the success of such prestigious activity.

Among the main details to be done is the involvement of the community in the development of the activity to coordinate with the locals their participation in the activity, to establish schedules for road closures, inform on alternate routes, count on artisans from the province exposing their creations, youth and children as part of volunteering, among other details already planned.

The Municipality of Carrillo has done a great job in adopting the activity of regional interest, by speeding up processes and permits that should be ready by the month of June. The local government invested in the past months of April and May more than two hundred million colones (₡ 200,000,000) in infrastructure.

"As a local government, we are pleased and totally committed to jointly organize with this institution an event as important as the first IRONMAN 70.3® Pura Vida and as it was not to be held in Playas del Coco if it was here where it was about 33 years ago occurred the first national triathlon; and also, here was where the beach tourism was born. […] this activity allows us to combine the adrenaline that transmits a sport as beautiful as these disciplines and the rest and comfort offered by Guanacaste", said Carlos Cantillo mayor of the Municipality of Carrillo.

Ms. Solano, president of the Chamber, added that this organization is arranged everything so that the hotel sector and all tourism companies in the area took the necessary measures and precautions to ensure that everything is normal on the day of the event.

"From now, we are managing an approach with the companies of the perimeter where the activity is going to be carried out so that their operations are not affected by the road reorganization that will take place in the area," said Solano a few months ago. Because of this, it is expected to have great conditions and security protocols during the competition and the previous days.

The race will have a maximum duration of eight hours as established since each of the disciplines have a determined duration and those who do not comply with this time will be eliminated from the competition.

The logistics of this event have tried to contemplate as much detail as possible and for this reason they have been coordinating with a company responsible for collecting solid waste before, during and after the competition. This way, the goal will be to try to make the city cleaner than it is on a daily basis.

The event was in the process of obtaining the blue flag to be declared environmentally friendly and sustainable. This weekend all the hard job, both of the organizers and the athletes coming from all around the World, will be seen in this amazing and inspiring race. We are sure that this event will exceed the expectations of all the ones that are involved!


The iconic IRONMAN® series of events is the world's most active sports platform. Since the creation of the IRONMAN® brand in 1978, athletes have proven to be ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE® by crossing the finish line in the world's most difficult endurance races. Starting as a single race, IRONMAN® has grown into a worldwide sensation with more than 260 events in 42 countries.

(If you want to have more information or know a little bit more about the brand then you can visit their website here.)

IRONMAN 70.3® Costa Rica will be part of one of more than 90 events in the IRONMAN 70.3® series. The event will award a $15,000 professional prize pool and 35 qualifying age group seats to the IRONMAN 70.3® World Championship in 2017, to be held in Chattanooga, Tennessee, United States.

If you are going to be part of this event, then feel free to leave us your comments! We will love to hear about you! Besides, you can send us your pictures too!


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