Flights to Costa Rica: Air Transat incorporate different direct options

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Flights to Costa Rica: Air Transat incorporate different direct options

In the course of the year a cooperative promotional campaign of Costa Rica will be developed in the cities of Toronto and Montreal.

The Costa Rican Tourism Board (ICT) and the Canadian Air Transat confirmed an increase in the offer of seats of this airline to the two international airports in Costa Rica. During this winter, they added two direct flights from the city of Toronto, one to the international air terminal of the Daniel Oduber Quirós, in Liberia Guanacaste, and another one to the Juan Santamaria International airport.

"The attraction of airlines and a greater supply of seats from our main tourist-emitting markets is a significant achievement that benefits national tourism and is the result of our permanent efforts in this strategic axis," said the Tourism Minister, Mrs. María Amalia Revelo.

"Over the past few years we have seen an increase in the popularity of Costa Rica among Canadian travelers and Air Transat is pleased to be able to respond with direct flights from Montreal and Toronto," said Annick Guérard, director of operations at Air Transat.

"This destination is ideal for nature lovers who are eager to discover new experiences and will also attract lovers of beach vacations and coasts," he added about the country.

Hermes Navarro, Head of Investment Attraction of the ICT confirmed that the agreement was final during a meeting at the FITUR 2019 International Tourism Fair in Spain with representatives of the airline, at the end of January.

"We are very proud to strengthen ties with an airline that has shown strength in Canada, specifically in the cities of Montreal and Toronto, where the largest number of Canadian tourists come from," said Navarro.

Air Transat operates weekly flights to the capital city of San Jose Costa Rica from the cities of Montreal (on Monday and Friday) and Toronto (on Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday). In the case of the Guanacaste Costa Rica airport, the airline flies three times a week to Toronto (on Monday, Wednesday and Friday) and two times a week to Montreal (on Wednesday and Friday).

Joint improvements in the Canadian market

The ICT will also carry out a cooperative campaign with Air Transat throughout the year in the airline's own media and other mass media in Canada with the purpose of promoting trips to Costa Rica, mainly in the cities of Toronto and Montreal.

Although the amount of the investment and the date of execution are still to be defined, each of the parties will contribute 50% of the investment.

From Canada, there were 217,000 tourist arrivals on all roads in 2018, which represented an increase of 7.5% over the previous period.

According to ICT studies, 42% of Canadians who visit Costa Rica travel as a couple, 24% as a family to spend their holidays together, 22% of the visitors are traveling alone and 9% as friends. The studies also show that the average stay of visitors from Canada is 14 nights and the average expense per person is $ 110 per day.

Among the tastes and preferences of visitors from that country, it is possible to highlight the sun and beach activities (84%), the hiking trails (50%), the observation of flora and fauna (61%), visiting the volcanoes (46%), and also, the enjoyment of our thermal waters (37%), among other popular activities to enjoy during vacations. The data has been collected thanks to the departure surveys applied to tourists.

Triangulated flight Vancouver-San Jose- Liberia

Wednesday, December 18 at 3:30 p.m. Officially landed the triangulated TS796 flight of the Air Transat airline from Vancouver at Juan Santamaria International Airport and approximately one hour later, it took off to Daniel Oduber Quiros Airport to complete the operation. The flight connects for the first time this city located on the Pacific coast of Canada with the metropolitan area and Liberia, a chain that is known as a triangular flight.

The flight is offered twice a week (Wednesday and Saturday) from today until April 25, 2020 with an Airbus A321 Neo LR model aircraft for a total of 38 flights in the indicated period. According to the airline, it is a completely new aircraft with a capacity for 199 passengers that stands out for its low fuel consumption and low CO2 emissions in aircraft of this class.

The flight departs from Vancouver at 6.30 a.m. and arrives in Liberia, Guanacaste at 05.25 p.m., with a stop at Juan Santamaria International Airport. After an 80-minute stop on land, the Airbus continues directly to Vancouver leaving Liberia, Guanacaste at 6.40 p.m., to arrive in Canada at 12.20 midnight.

“Air Transat becomes as of Wednesday, the second airline that offers a triangular flight chaining the city of origin of the flight, in this case Vancouver-Canada, with our two international airports: Juan Santamaria and Daniel Oduber. This opens up an opportunity to multiply the visitation, generate jobs and continue strengthening Costa Rica as a tourist destination,” said Maria Amalia Revelo, Minister of Tourism.

“We are very proud to add a new route in the winter flight season 2019-2020 and thus improve our offer in Vancouver. Costa Rica is a destination that has gained popularity and is a new route that allows residents of western Canada to escape to a destination rich in culture and exceptional landscapes,” said Jean-François Lemay, President and General Manager of Air Transat.

A triangulated trip means that the trip started in Vancouver, Canada can be completed with the same ticket either in San Jose or Guanacaste. Similarly, you can return to Vancouver directly from the Daniel Oduber Quiros International Airport with the same ticket or board at the Juan Santamaria.

“This new Air Transat route represents a possibility for citizens of western Canada to connect directly to the main airport in Costa Rica. Thanks to this opening, visitation will be encouraged in both directions, knowing the taste of Canadians for the country and creating an alternative for nationals who wish to travel to the north of the continent,” said Rafael Mencía, Executive Director of AERIS, administrator of the International Airport Juan Santamaria.

This triangulated flight from Vancouver expands the offer of flights to Costa Rica of the Canadian airline. Air Transat also operates weekly flights to the airport in San Jose from the cities of Montreal (Monday and Friday) and Toronto (Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday).

In the case of Daniel Oduber in Liberia, he does it three times a week to Toronto (Monday, Wednesday and Friday) and twice a week to Montreal (Wednesday and Friday).

Increase in the visitation of Canadians to Costa Rica

Between January and November of 2019, 187 941 Canadian visitors entered the country by air. Canada continues to be the second country with the highest emission of tourists to Costa Rica. In addition, there was an increase of 9.9% of visitors compared to the same period of the previous year. The greatest number of arrivals of Canadians to Costa Rica usually occurs in the months of December to March, during the winter in that North American country.

This way, if coming from Canada, you have more options to adapt your vacation itinerary and start enjoying your stay in this beautiful country. Contact us if we can assist you with anything, we will be more than pleased to ease you the planning process of your holidays!


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