Costa Rica will host the “Offshore World Championship 2016”

Written by María José Blanco

Costa Rica will host the “Offshore World Championship 2016”

Marina Pez Vela will host the 17th Annual Offshore World Championship (OWC) tournament for the fourth time, this April. More than 67 teams are expected for this year, with anglers from 29 different countries.

Some of the participating countries are: Costa Rica, United States, Australia, Trinidad & Tobago, Angola, Mexico, Fiji, Brazil, Bermuda, New Zealand, New Guinea, Dominican Republic, Barbados, South Africa, Panama, Spain, Croatia, Canada, and Guatemala, among others.

The selected place for the championship is one of the most popular Costa Rica destinations, Quepos. A tranquil and beautiful beach located very close to Manuel Antonio National Park.

This fishing village had an important recognition when Marina Pez Vela opened its first phase of docks in 2010. Now, thanks to the effort of the Marina and its people, the community hosts world-class events as the perfect host marina for the OWC.

The marina recently announced slip expansions that will bring it to 200 slips. This is an important expansion, taking into consideration the global recognition that has reached during the four past editions of the contest.

The anglers will enjoy the marina’s proximity to the fishing grounds, as well as the dockside socials and the gala awards banquet.

According to the organization, the reasons for choosing Marina Pez Vela once again for this competition are the calm waters, great offer of lodging, and high quality touristic attractions; as well as the possibility of charters and the rent of boats for fishing.

This event, which will take place from April 17th to 22nd, represents a great opportunity for the local tourism, and the reinforcement of Costa Rica as an important destination.

As said by Jeff Duchesneau, manager of the marina, “The diversity of beaches, the ecotourism, the climate, and especially the marine fauna that Costa Rica offers have left the country well positioned for the fourth year in a row when being headquarters of this important event; promising high expectations for the tourist sector of the country.”

According to Mauricio Ventura, Tourism Minister, this is another occasion in which sport and tourism are combined looking for a maximum profit of the natural resources, the strategic geographical location, the exotic landscapes, and the quality of the touristic offer.

Hosting for the fourth time an event of this magnitude, will capture the attention of many countries of the world, consolidating the touristic differentiation of the country.

“This event represents a strategic showcase for attracting tourists and positioning in new market niches. The international projection and the development of the sport fishing in Costa Rica provide an important international media coverage, consolidating the country as a tourist destination and promoting the possibility of being revisited by competitors, organizers, and companions. The development of this kind of activities, involving the niches of nature and adventure through the implementation of sustainable practices and standards for the conservation of marine resources, allows the strengthening of Costa Rica’s reputation as a pioneer of sustainable tourism”, said Ventura.

It is expected that the event will attract more tourists to visit Costa Rica motivated by the international recognition the Offshore World Championship gave to the country. The Tourist Board is trying to position the local tourism as one of the best places to travel worldwide.

Nowadays, it is very easy to get to Costa Rica. There are different international flights, as well as local flights once here, and tourists can be easily attracted by the variety of options they have when they spend some days in this paradisiac country. From all-inclusive packages to family vacations, there are a lot of great options to relax in this Central American spot.

If relaxing isn’t enough and people are more attracted to an adrenaline rush, there are also a lot of adventure packages to enjoy while staying here. Finally, last but not least, fishing vacations can also be enjoyed in the tropical and amazing beaches of Costa Rica.

About Offshore World Championship

This championship was founded in 2000 by the International Game Fish Association and is a true angler/team tournament –the only in the world that requires the entire team to fish from different boats each day-. Each team consists in a minimum of two anglers and a maximum of 6 is suggested.

However, there is no limit of how many anglers a team can register, but at least one member must have been part of the original group that qualified to the world championship.

The teams must qualify by winning one of the various quality Offshore World Championship-sanctioned tournaments to earn an application for the event.

Each one of the teams will go offshore in search of catching and releasing as many fish as they can. The kind of fish caught and released will give them different score. All teams have to carry one or more video cameras, in order to verify each release. During the competition, all the recording equipment will be time synchronized with the official tournament equipment and they will be checked by the organizers.


Duchesneau said that the organization of an event of this magnitude is very complex, but worthy. It was in 2013 when the marina began with the efforts to bring the championship to Costa Rica; and it would have been impossible without the well-organized human resources and the infrastructure they had.  

The sponsors also played an important role in achieving the goal, and for this year, there are more than 22 participating. Once again, it’s remarkable the involvement of the Costa Rica Tourist Board (ICT) and the Parador Hotel.

The latter has earned a great number of prestigious awards for its passionate commitment to both, the environment and the local community. The resort’s beauty is matched by the high standards of quality service provided to each and every guest.


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