Costa Rica Travel Vacations: Hermosa Beach Guanacaste

Written by Peter Conrad

Costa Rica is a perfect destination for those who are looking to enjoy amazing beaches, this small country, has spots, attractions and beautiful beaches inside its 51 100 square kilometers. In Guanacaste, you will find most of the top beaches in Costa Rica, that is why it is a popular destination.

It is important to mention that in Guanacaste Costa Rica, we have the Liberia International Airport, so you can arrive or depart from there, and find incredible beach spots in the surroundings, just driving for around 40 minutes to 2 hours approximately, depending on where you are going to stay during your holidays.

Guanacaste weather is drier than the rest of the country and it says that the rainy season is from June to November, when you can see some rains in the afternoons, but it is certainly very dry and the hottest place in Costa Rica.

We will talk a little bit about Hermosa Beach which is located in the North Pacific area, around 45 minutes from Liberia. You can easily rent a car to maximize your time or Travel Excellence can arrange for your private or shuttle transfers, depending on your needs. If you are staying in other areas and do not want to spend too much time driving, you can take a domestic flight to Liberia, and it is also unbelievable to see the beautiful landscapes from the air, perfect for your Costa Rica family vacations.

One of the country’s most popular beaches is Hermosa Beach. It is funny that there are two Hermosa beaches in the Pacific coast of a small country; the other one is located in the Puntarenas province, right after Jaco beach in the Central Pacific.

While the southern Hermosa is perfect for an unforgettable surfing trip, this Hermosa is the spot to relax a get away from the city hustle and bustle. It is actually a place to visit while on your family trip to Costa Rica because you will have a lot of hotel options and facilities nearby, as well as nice quietest beaches.

Just like most of the best beaches here, Hermosa has pristine blue waters, but it is a laid back place, not crowded. It has the Blue Flag prize, given to the beaches that have a high level of environmental standards.

You can enjoy the sun, walk, or practice scuba diving, snorkeling or swimming here. There are all inclusive tours packages in Hermosa like kayaking, windsurfing, jet skiing, and other water Sports. This is a great way to explore one of the best places to visit in the country.

During your Costa Rica family adventure, we recommend you to go kayaking as it is a great way to enjoy adventure and relax at the same time, and it is a place where you can appreciate the marine wildlife closer. Catamaran rides and fishing are also offered every day.

If you rather stay at land, there is a wide array of activities to do, like horseback riding, biking, and trips to the mangrove swampy. You can also rent a bicycle and ride around the area, which is easy due to the plain conditions. That is a great activity in your Costa Rica family holiday, since it can be done by almost any person.

If you want to stay at Hermosa, there are many Costa Rica family resorts and restaurants, including Costa Rica Hotel Packages, stores and services.

Hotel Recommendations

Bosque del Mar Hotel, for your Costa Rica honeymoon it could be a good option, a small boutique hotel, very accessible in price, charming and cozy, in front of the beach; close to the hotel you will have access to more beaches like Panama, Coco, and more.

Casa Conde Beach Front Boutique Hotel is recommended for your family trip, it is a beach front hotel, with all inclusive system that is an added value for families with children. Even though it is all inclusive, is not like a big chain resort, it has more character.

Definitely, Hermosa Beach is a great option for families, solo travelers, couples or friend groups, so do not lose the chance of visiting this beautiful destination. Remember that our travel experts are waiting to hear from you, to help you planning your next vacations.

Do not hesitate in contact us whether you need more details about Costa Rica or Hermosa Beach. Please also leave us a comment about this article!


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