Costa Rica Tourism: Market of adventure tours increases every year.

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There are many reasons to come and visit Costa Rica; it is a recognized destination due to its natural beauty, varied flora and fauna species, tropical weather, beautiful beaches, mountains, its people, culture and the gastronomic experience. But, there is another special motivation to visit us: the variety of exciting activities, as the country has everything for those who are looking for adrenaline and adventure vacation packages.

The number of tourists who visit this incredible country looking for adventure tours increase every year, according to the Costa Rica Tourism Bureau (ICT), which led to develop better conditions to improve this kind of services for visitors.


In 1985, the country had just two or three options related with adventure tourism. In fact, rafting and kayaks for rent were the main attractions in Costa Rica for local and foreign tourists in the beginning of 90´s decade.


The country has many different and reliable companies dedicated to offering adventure tours for visitors. "Rios Tropicales" is one of the pioneer businesses in this field; it is one of the experienced enterprises offering the white water rafting at the popular and world-known Pacuare River and it also have a lodge at the river banks.

A growing market offers today a great variety of services and activities for tourist to make more interesting their stay in the country. Most of the hotels used to offer guests attractive adventure tours as well.

10 amazing adventure tours

Canopy Costa Rica

Canopy: This is maybe one of the most popular activities and recommended for family holidays; there are countless options, in almost everywhere. La Fortuna and Monteverde are two of the best places that offer one of the most thrilling combinations of canopy and the gondolas or cable cars to get to the first platform and start sliding over the canopy trees enjoying a bird’s eye view.

Rafting Costa Rica

Rafting: This is a very scenic activity, there are stunning settings to practice white water rafting, and you will enjoy one of the best family vacation doing this activities because you must work in a team, to keep the control at the river but what is certainly is that you will have a lot of fun moving over your raft.

Kayaking Costa Rica

Kayaking: Even though this is a more relaxing activity, it can be done in mangroves, lagoons, river or at the sea so there are different ways to experiences adrenaline during your vacation package; it will depend on your skills and tastes.

Horseback riding Costa Rica

Horseback riding: This is another peaceful activity but allows you to know incredible landscapes and rural paths. Rincon de la Vieja, Guanacaste is known for one of the combo tours that include horseback riding with canopy and hot springs; this is a way to enjoy adrenaline, nature and relaxation.

Mountain biking Costa Rica

Mountain biking: There are countless routes for you to explore, it does not matter if this is on the coast or over the green mountains. You will find something suitable for your family trip, and your experience level, creating unforgettable memories.

Stand up paddling Costa Rica

Stand up paddling: This activity is a very nice activity that allow you to explore the sea or lakes, moving slowly and admiring the stunning landscape, it is also a little bit challenging because it requires to keep the balance on the board but it is certainly perfect for an adventure package.

Tubing Costa Rica

Tubing: It is a very recommended activity for a family holiday because it is a gentle way to enjoy the I – II class river rapids, it is also safe but children and adults will enjoy a little bit of adrenaline while are descending on the river and having fun.

Snorkeling Costa Rica

Snorkeling: You cannot imagine how diverse is the marine life in our coastal spots, there are many places where to enjoy the activity. You can visit some of the prettiest beaches to chill and, why not, know the marine beauties, admire the colorful fishes, turtles, sharks and much more. The Pacific Coast will delight you with all this exciting hidden gems.

Diving Costa Rica

Diving: In Costa Rica it is possible to do diving on the Caribbean or the Pacific side. There are some beach destinations where to practice it but you may know that the second best place for diving is the Caño Island in the South Pacific and even though this is not a place where to stay in all inclusive family resorts, you will have a lifetime experience. In the Corcovado area, there is the 50% of the country biodiversity, so just imagine it, but please remember that valid license is required for the activity or maybe, you can do the course and get the license in these marvellous zones.

Canyoning Costa Rica

Canyoning: Maybe one of the best canyon experiences and suitable for families can be found in the Arenal area. This is a safety activity, full of adrenaline and you will have different challenges descending on rock or canyon walls, hearing the powerful waterfalls and surrounded by a lot of nature, and the best way to end the adventure is to taste typical food in Costa Rica.

As you can see there are many adventure experiences to discover on your vacation packages, you just need to be ready to travel and start planning your next adventurous holiday!


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