Costa Rica: The Perfect Place for Relaxing Vacations

Written by MJ Blanco

Costa Rica was chosen the "most relaxing travel destination in the world"

Costa Rica was chosen the most relaxing travel destination in the world

Costa Rica has stood out as the most relaxing destination in the world for 2019, based on a ranking of tourist destinations developed by the American magazine CEO World, aimed at the high-ranking corporate public.

As were indicated in the Happiness Index of the study, some of the reasons that led this Central American country to obtain this distinction are the characteristics of peace and happiness that prevails in its lands.

As indicated in the analysis of CEO World, Costa Rica remains as one of the most peaceful countries in Central America and still has the image of the land of the peace, good vibes and harmony. It also hasa high ranking in the happiness index. The country has become a popular tourist destination among travelers, and has a stable political and governmental system.

At the same time, another reason that characterizes Costa Rica as a peaceful and relaxing destination is that we do not have an army and, for example, in terms of the quality of life of the population and the economy of the place, the standard of living it is really high.

The country is internationally famous for its flora and fauna, with a large number of national parks and biodiversity and the best places for vacations. The unimaginable beauty of this, along with environmentally friendly accommodations really add to the delicacy of the place.

Costa Rica follows the saying “Pura vida”, which represents –literally- pure life. It is a way of life that most live in the country that inspires others to live a simple life by making changes for well-being, satisfaction, relaxation, less worries, and happiness.

Following Costa Rica, the publication of the report incorporated other four destinations that contemplate the list of the most relaxing places in the world. And the successors in the ranking were: the second place was for the Coromandel Peninsula (New Zealand), the third place went to Lake Jökulsárlón (Iceland), Lake Bled took the fourth place (Slovenia), and the fifth and last place in this Top 5 went to Saskatoon (Canada).

Costa Rica has been the country chosen by many travelers to experience nature in full with the discovery of biodiversity-shaped lands, adventure in the hands of water sports, relaxation with sunsets over the beautiful beaches of Santa Teresa, in the Guanacaste province, and the appreciation of a particular culture with unparalleled Costa Rican crafts.

And as if that were not enough, it has also known how to deploy a variety of sustainable practices that are observed throughout the territory and are a great example of sustainability and ecotourism. For example, in Costa Rica you will find that electricity is produced almost 93 percent thanks to renewable resources. As for its charming lands, 30 percent of its territory is protected as a natural terrain for biodiversity conservation and especially the marine life of the place.

In addition to the paradisiacal landscapes that can be found here, visitors to these lands will be able to discover resident people who are also friendly and delighted to offer a special treatment to the visitors, to share with them all the charms of the place. And one of this charms is, for sure, its delicious typical food

The inhabitants of this country also symbolize with its attitude that “pura vida” means good living, attachment to humility, well-being above all, joy, satisfaction with what they have, and appreciation of the simple and natural.

But what really makes this paradise in Central America the most preferred one is the variety of places that you can know traveling short distances, since Costa Rica is not a very extensive territory in terms of kilometers. This allows visitors to experience different activities and regions without stressing too much about missing time when traveling.

Now, here you have some of the reasons why this magical place is considered as the most relaxing place in the world and why you should visit us, if you haven’t come yet.

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