Costa Rica, one of the best destinations of America

Written by Isabella Anderson
July 6, 2013

Costa Rica is a small Centro American country, has approximately 4 million and half people and 51 square kilometers of tropical paradise.

This little piece of heaven was designated as “Wow Destination for the year 2012” after receiving 5 awards by tourism magazines, media specialists and after being  cataloged as “the best destination in Central and South American in 2011.”

Some of the specialized media that recognized the country as the number one destination with incredible vacations packages being offered by tourism companies, according to the Costa Rican Tourism Institute (ICT), were: Travelzoo, Travel Weekly, Agent @ Home, Vacation Agent and Travel Pulse. Costa Rica, as the media argument, is a sustainable destination, due to the quality of its services, numerous options for adventure and tourists preference. 

Tourism Minister, Allan Flores, explained in a press release that the awards “represent an encourage message for the start of the year, which motivates the entire national tourism sector to continue promoting sustainable development of tourism, the quality of the service and the conservation of our natural resources.

He added “It is a great honor that not one or two, but five media companies of great reputation recognize various aspects of the tourism activity that, as a whole, mark the differentiation of our destination and the products we offer as a country.”

He said “This good news allows us to start the year with great enthusiasm and a strong commitment to continue working hard for the benefit of the tourism industry and the country in general.”

The private sector gladly received this good news as a recognition to the country for improving each day its offer in the costa rica vacations sector, which represent the main economic activities.

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