Costa Rica meetings & conventions: The country will host an international event of medical tourism

Written by Travel ExcellenceThe high quality of its medical services and a health level better than other countries, are the reasons for the country to be again the scene of the Third International Conference of Medical Tourism, which will bring together over 500 attendees from several countries. The Costa Rica convention will take place from 23 to April 25, 2012.

The event will be sponsored by the Council for Medicine Promotion in Costa Rica (PROMED), and the Costa Rica Tourism Bureau (ICT). The country has important advantages for this kind of congresses and meetings in terms of infrastructure, accommodation, and affordable prices on travel packages to Costa Rica.

Popularity of the country in the medical tourism industry has been growing over the years. Some travel agencies, meeting planners and managers have advantageous deals for visitors who come to obtain health care in the country, combining their medical travel with some relaxing eco tours in Costa Rica and other activities.

Despite being a small country health has been a priority for the Costa Rica Government, so it is at the same level of countries like the U.S. and higher up than others such as Mexico or Argentina. The country also has some of the best plastic surgeons of the world and offers top quality plastic, cosmetic and dental surgery, among other important medical options.

This Costa Rica congress of medical tourism will offer a great experience for insurance companies executives, employee benefit managers, health insurers, insurance agents, and anyone interested in medical or dental travels to experience closely what hospitals, dental clinics and doctors in Costa Rica and other Latin American countries can offer.

Today, the country has a lot of spas, rehabilitation services, plastic surgery, esthetics and health care private clinics. In fact, it is really easy to find Costa Rica hotels and resorts specialized in health tourism, which allows the country to become in a preferred destination for many travelers who look for top quality, and less cost medical care.

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