Costa Rica is the most relaxing travel destination in the world of 2019

Written by MJ Blanco

Costa Rica is the most relaxing travel destination in the world of 2019

Costa Rica stood out as the most relaxing destination in the world for 2019; this in a ranking prepared by the American magazine CEOWorld, aimed at the high-level corporate segment.

Being one of the most peaceful countries in Central America and one of the happiest in the world, according to the Happiness Index, are characteristics mentioned in the publication.

The country was also noted for its political stability, for not having an army, the levels of security for residents and visitors and, of course, thanks to its popularity in tourism.

“Internationally famous for its flora and fauna and with abundant national parks. The unimaginable natural beauty with friendly accommodation with the environment, adds exquisiteness to the place,” reads the article.

The image that Costa Rica projects to the world is that of being a land of peace and harmony, and has a position among the most peaceful countries in all of Central America.

In fact, it also has a high index of happiness, in general terms among its inhabitants. In the political sphere, it is a destination with a fairly stable government system, which also helps to maintain that peace.

The country is governed by the values of the “Pura Vida” (or pure life in English). This way of life inspires us to live according to a simple life, making changes to achieve the satisfaction and well-being of all.

The second country that stands out in the magazine's ranking is the Coromandel Peninsula, in New Zealand. It is followed by Lake Jökulsárlón, in Iceland and Lake Bled, in Slovenia. The fifth place is in Saskatoon, in Canada.

Thus, Costa Rica is one of the countries that travelers find most attractive when traveling. The relaxation here is more than assured thanks to the many natural beauties that can be found: the best beaches, mountains, forests, volcanoes, hot springs, and much more ...

Likewise, the different lodging options, the variety and taste of their meals, and the wide range of tours and activities to enjoy with the family, promote that during the holidays nothing can be done other than enjoying and relaxing.

In addition to all this we mentioned, we give you 5 reasons why the country was selected as the most relaxing destination of 2019:

1. The practice of yoga

Practicing yoga in the country is increasingly common. Travelers who love yoga, as well as the most enthusiastic, can find multiple hotel options that offer classes, yoga decks, instructors, and even specialized camps. Something to add more tranquility and relaxation to the trip.

2. Just watch the sunset.

The sunsets in Costa Rica are beautiful at any time of the year. Because the skies of Costa Rica are clear of the large amounts of pollution that occur in large cities, it is still possible to enjoy pure air and blue skies. The colors that are seen both at sunrise and sunset make it a totally relaxing and reassuring experience. A gold brooch for your stay in this small but beautiful country.

Tamarindo beach, one of the most popular beaches that can be found in Guanacaste Costa Rica, is one of the best places to observe the sun while it is hiding. The extensive views of the sea are perfectly relaxing.

3. Stay at an Eco-Lodge

Costa Rica has been recognized worldwide as a pioneer in sustainability. It is in this country that the Tourism Sustainability Certification Program was born, the UN-approved system that qualifies businesses with regard to their management of social, cultural and natural resources. The idea is to motivate companies and tourists to make decisions based on their environmental footprint.

Thanks to the national approach to sustainability and ecotourism, in Costa Rica it is possible to find eco-lodges almost everywhere. Many have been built sustainably with the environment, with recycled building materials (for example, wood from freshly fallen trees) and generally use the sun's energy to function as renewable energy sources. In addition, the experience of staying in one of these accommodations brings travelers closer to more rural experiences and full of peace and tranquility.

4. Savor the hundreds of fruits and vegetables that the country offers.

Costa Rica is a country that hosts rain forests, mangroves, rainforests and coasts - we are talking about 12 climatic zones in a country of this size. Hundreds of fruits and vegetables are harvested in this country, which means that it is possible to find in almost all restaurants natural sodas (made with water or milk) and a variety of fresh vegetables that accompany each meal. It is also possible to find markets with a constant supply of fresh fruits and vegetables to be used in a typical Costa Rican recipe. As well as take cooking classes and learn a little more about the local culture.

5. Visit the best Spas in the country.

Costa Rica has multiple Spa options and most of its hotels have one, or they offer Spa services. Thanks to the natural wealth of the country it is possible to find treatments with natural products such as volcanic mud, stones, fruits, cocoa, and more. This provides an extra dose of relaxation to both the body and the mind and they constitute one of the most desirable activities among travelers; especially between couples celebrating their wedding or visiting the country for their honeymoon.

This is a well-deserved recognition, as Costa Rica truly is a paradise for a quiet and relaxed vacation. Contact us if you want to start planning yours!


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